Empowering and transforming the lives of women through the art of fashion, leadership, transparency and love from an holistic perspective.


Adorning women from the inside out.

Where we adorn women from the inside out.

Ameela Kerry-Ann Boyd a native of Jamaica, who came to Pittsburgh to continue her studies as a fashion designer, also found her niche as a published author, empowerment stylist, and motivational speaker. She is the proud owner of the “Fi. Wi. Kulture” clothing line and "Healing Designs.' Which all falls under her umbrella organization “The Covering LLC”, where she empowers and style women from a holistic perspective. She holds her master’s degree in Organizational leadership with a minor in non-profit leadership, from Robert Morris University, where she will also be pursuing her PH. D. in Instructional Management and Leadership.

However, it did not start there, her journey as she calls it in life, was never an easy one, yet she chose to embrace every bit of it because it cultivated the resilient, buoyant and empowered woman she is today.

She was a domestic violence victim and a homeless mother with two kids, with no family or friend support, and those experiences led her to change her entire perspective on life. Wanting to help women who went or is about to go through what she did, Ameela decided to share her story and experiences. With the intent of helping other women in finding their own voice, to equally empower others while sharing their own.

She firmly believes that each one helps one through their personal testimonies. While completing her bachelor’s degree in fashion design at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Ameela decided to merge her entire expertise, struggles and faith to bring her vision to fruition. Her dream was and is, to adorn women not only from a physical perspective but also psychologically.

From that 'Healing Designs' was created to accomplish apart of the vision “To empower and adorn women from the inside out.” Even though The Covering is a for profit organization, Healing Designs offers services absolutely free to women who are struggling with self and life, who has encountered domestic violence or some form of addiction, but is fighting to make their lives better. This includes garment specifically designed and made for them, counselling and consultation where needed and a night out absolutely free. This service does not fix everything but it’s a start. The Covering strives to be a spectacular and holistic agency that dears to be multifaceted and different. Ameela firmly believes, if the inner being is well, it’s guaranteed that the outer being will glow and, that’s what ‘The Covering’ mandate stands behind. She empowers, motivates and adorns from the inside out, to garner and generate the greatest results of one ‘self’.



The covering is a for-profit organization that empowers, transforms & style women from the inside out, to achieve spiritual, emotional and physical growth. This service is three fold, where we focus on the holistic being in order to understand who they are and what best suits them. It includes designing our own fabrics for garments that will be made from scratch, giving the clients the oppourtunity of being apart of the process, in order for it to become personal. As well as, styling and consulting, with clients who prefers not to go from scratch, but from their closet or to purchase from various stores.


As a speaker, Ameela Boyd brings her front-line experience and infectious energy to every group she addresses. Motivating, inspiring, empowering and transforming the lives she encounters one individual at a time. Ameela Boyd's tell-it-like-it-is vivacious attitude is a refreshing approach to success.


As a training development specialist, Ameela creates, administer, and deliver training programs for businesses and organizations, by first assessing the needs of the organization. Once those needs are determined, she then develop a custom training program that takes place in a classroom, computer laboratory, or training facility. She organizes or offer training sessions using lectures, group discussions, team exercises, hands-on examples, and other training formats. Some training is in the form of a video, Web-based program, or self-guided instructional manual. Training also may be collaborative, which allows employees to connect informally with experts, mentors, and colleagues, often through the use of technology. She also monitors instructors, guide employees through media-based programs, or facilitate informal or collaborative learning programs.



After publishing her book, 'The Many Faces of Housekeeping', Ameela decided to not only share her story and experiences as a housekeeper but, to take her message throughout the hotel industries around the world as a housekeeping trainer. She does not train the housekeeping staff to do the physical job, because that is already taken care of by the hotels. Her focus is centered and generated more around training the inner man, in understanding their why and being able to perform at their highest level without hesitation. Being effective and efficient in every capacity that they are placed in.


KELIS- This book is truly filled with laughter! There were moments I could not control how loud I was laughing and others I wanted to find some of the clients and shake them and say what the heck people! Worth the read.

MRS. BANKS- Humility was an incredible attribute Jesus Christ displayed. My take on this book was that its geared towards encouraging humility in all of our endeavors and, it does not matter who you are or your currents situation. it also employs eagles to soar regardless of what obstacles they may be faced with.

TRACY DORE- I have encountered most of the things that you have identified in your book since have been in the industry for so long. First as a housekeeper and now as a housekeeping manager. I feel sorry for the ones who can't get past their place of ignorance and, I believe this is where your book is going to help. I think it should be in every housekeeper's hand and, in every backroom where there is a person that needs to know it is better somewhere else.

LATOSHA STATEN- This book is motivational, it gives you self awareness about your own work ethic and drives. Also, it helps with hospitality whether you are on the job or not.

Let me help you break through the boundaries and mindsets, that are limiting your team, while getting them ready to shape the future, moving from the world of yesterday's regrets to the world of tomorrow's victories.


EMAIL: TheCoveringllc@gmail.com, PHONE: 724-826-8177

Clothing inspired by God & the island of Jamaica
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