Clouds ☁️ By:Sabrina Miller


Clouds that form in flat layers are called stratus clouds.


Nimbostratus clouds are a cloud of a class characterized by a formless layer that is almost uniformly dark gray


Cumulus clouds are fluffy rounded piles of cotton.


Altostratus clouds is a middle altitude cloud genus belonging to the stratiform physical category characterized by a generally uniform gray to bluish-green and sheet or layer.


Altocumulus clouds is a middle-altitude cloud genus that belongs mainly to the stratocumuliform physical category characterized by globular masses or rolls in layers or patches.


Cumulonimbus clouds is a dense towering vertical cloud associated with thunderstorms and atmospheric instability, forming from water vapor carried by powerful upward air currents.


Cirrocumulus is one of the three main genus-types of high-altitude tropospheric clouds.


Cirrus clouds is a genus of atmospheric cloud generally characterized by thin, wispy strands, giving the type its name from the Latin word cirrus.


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