RDS Summer Showcase 2018 recap

Staying sharp, and continuing to develop over the hot summer months, five RDS Summer Showcase Teams, and two RDS Pre-academy Teams participated in a range of high-level tournaments throughout June and July 2018.

EDP Summer Classic Tournament: June 23-24 2018

To kick off the summer, all of our summer showcase teams were on display in the EDP Summer Classic Tournament. As this tournament was the first time the squads played together, it was a rewarding experience to see how the teams developed over the weekend.

2007, 2008, 2009 Boys Summer Showcase Teams

Our 2007 Boys had an excellent weekend, winning all of their four games. In the first game of the tournament, the boys had some great individual second half goals while starting to bond as a team; leading them to a 2-0 victory over Lehigh Valley United.

After going down 1-0 in the opening game of day two, the boys rallied to score 8 unanswered goals to secure the victory. Rounding out the weekend, the boys really started to settle in and capped off with a 4-0 victory over NJ Elite. Overall the group was excellent and with each game grew confidence and their individual qualities began to shine through as team performed.

The 2008's had an excellent weekend at the EDP Summer Classic. In this round-robin bracket, the boys went 1-1-0 on the opening day, beating Jersey Knights 7-0 but falling short to NJ Elite 2-1. On the following day, the boys won their first game 5-3 against STA. With other results going their way, the team needed to win their final game by 4 goals. In dramatic fashion, the boys went on to beat FC USA 5-1 crowning them champions of the tournament.

EDP Summer Classic 2008 Boys Champions

The 2009 Boys kicked off their hot weekend on Saturday with some great goals in the boys first tournament of the summer together. On Sunday, the boys faced the Manhattan Kickers - a consistently tough opponent - in both games. Both matches ended in a 3-3 tie and the boys ultimately lost in penalties in the final. Even though the result was not ideal, the boys showed some great progress throughout the weekend.

2006 & 2007 Girls Summer Showcase Teams

Ready to start their summer off with a bang, the 2006 Girls Summer Showcase Team took the field in the EDP Summer Classic. In their first game of the weekend the girls pulled out a hard fought 1-0 win over FC Copa Academy Black.

Their next two games were won by a larger margin, beating A-Game Red 4-0 and Medford Strikers 7-1. To cap off an impressive weekend, in the championship game of the tournament, the girls defeated STA Morris United SC 3-1 to clinch their first championship of the summer season.

EDP Summer Classic 2006 Girls Champions

Our 2007 Girls Summer Showcase Team kicked off their summer competing against some great teams at the Summer Classic. On Saturday the girls fell 4-3 against SJEB Santos in a very competitive game. In their second game the girls won 3-0, as they started to click more as a team.

The following day, the girls won their first game 3-1 against NJ Elite and showed a lot of progress as a unit. The girls unfortunately did not make the final and lost their consolation game against STA 4-2. This weekend was a great learning experience for the girls as they start to prep for the rest of the summer.

edp Lehigh valley challenge: June 30th- July 1st 2018

Our 2007 & 2008 Pre-academy Boys Teams were ready to start their summer season off in the Lehigh Valley Challenge.

The 2007 Pre-academy Team & Coach Anton were excited to kick off their summer season and did it in dramatic fashion. In the group stage the boys went undefeated winning their first three matches by a margin of 2-1, 10-1, and 2-1. Faced with some tough competition like Cedar Stars Monmouth and Caledon SC, it was encouraging to see the team come out on top. In the final, the boys finished comfortably capping off the weekend with a 9-1 victory.

Lehigh Valley Challenge 2007 Boys Champions

Coach Ross and the 2008 Pre-academy Team were also ready to go for their first tournament of the summer season. After two wins and a tie in the group, the boys put in a great performance against CSA 2009 to win 2-0. Both days were an encouraging and positive weekend had by all.

Lehigh Valley Challenge 2008 Boys Champions


In between tournaments and throughout the summer, all of our teams worked hard week in and week out to improve not only as individual players but as a team as well.

pocono cup: July 7-8th 2018

The following weekend both Pre-academy Teams were ready to compete in their second tournament of the summer. Both teams looked to repeat their performance from the previous week.

The 2007 Pre-academy Team began their second tournament weekend winning out through the group stage, which came with a 4-2 victory over STA. In the final the boys finished off the weekend with a 5-3 win over NJ Elite to clinch the event. Two championships for this group throughout the first two weekends of play.

The 2008 Pre-academy Team was excited to kick off their second tournament of the summer. After two wins and a tie in the group stage, the team advanced to the final of the EDP Pocono Cup where a dominant performance saw them defeat World Class 10–3. Back to back championships for our 2008 Pre-academy Team so far throughout the summer!

edp central jersey invitational: July 14-15th 2018

All five RDS Summer Showcase Teams were ready to roll into their second tournament of the summer, looking for some positive results.

2007, 2008, 2009 Boys Summer Showcase Teams

The Summer Showcase 2007 Boys had a great weekend outscoring their opponent 34-6 throughout the tournament. The team went undefeated in group play against some top competition in Cedar Stars Newark 08, SJEB Newcastle, World Class Summer Select, and FC Copa Academy. This great performance crowned the boys champions of the EDP Central Jersey Invitational.

Central Jersey Invitational 2007 Boys Champions

For their second tournament of the summer the 2008 Summer Showcase Team participated in the Central Jersey Invitational as well. They were placed in the highest group that competed in a round robin fashion to finish top. In the first game of the weekend, the team played Dutch Total Soccer Brooklyn, winning 9-4. The second game the boys kept World Class Summer Select off the score sheet, winning 8-0. In the final two games the boys won by a margin of 7-2 against STA Morris Untied 7-2 and the second World Class Summer Select team to win the tournament.

Over the four games every field player on the 2008 Boys got on the score sheet at least once which capped off the impressive weekend.

Central Jersey Invitational 2008 Boy Champions

The 2009 Boys were ready to take on their second tournament of the summer at the Central Jersey Invitational. The boys were placed in a higher age group and played against some big, strong opponents on Saturday.

Although technically far better in both games, the team dropped both results as they struggled to deal with the strength and directness of our opponents. However, the boys clearly learned from their mistakes on Saturday and won comfortably 6-0 against the Jersey Knights on Sunday, whom ended up finishing top of the group.

The boys ended their weekend with a solid 6-3 victory in their final game. Below is a great goal against the Jersey Knights.

2006 & 2007 Girls Summer Showcase Teams

Looking to clinch their second championship of the summer, the 2006 Girls Summer Showcase Team kicked off the weekend with two comeback victories on Saturday. The first against Rancocas Valley FC Crush 2-1 and the second against FC Copa Academy Red 5-4. Moving on to Sunday, the team came out on top in the first game against Dutch Total Soccer Sparta 9-1 which led them to the championship match. After the girls went down 0-2 in the start, the girls rallied to collect their second championship of the summer winning 4-2.

This championship was as much a victory for the 07's as it was for the 06's. The 06's only had 7 of their 12 rostered players over the weekend and had to borrow several players from the 07 team for every game. The 07's met the challenge head-on - adapting to the 06's tactics seamlessly - and were invaluable contributors in every match. The 06's provided guidance and support for their younger club mates, seizing a great opportunity to step up as leaders. The weekend was a great example of players from different teams playing with the same mentality, discipline, philosophy, and focus.

EDP Central Jersey Invitational 2006 Girls Champions

The 2007 Girls Summer Showcase Team took the field looking for improvement from their first tournament. The girls lost their first two games of the weekend, but started to move the ball better and learned how to work together as a unit as the games went on. On Sunday, the girls came out victorious against TSF, beating them 2-1. Overall it was a great weekend for the girls to learn.

maps caps: july 21-22 2018

To wrap up the summer, all seven of our teams took part in MAPS CAPS. This was a great time for all of the coaches and players to get together to see each other play. All teams looked to finish out their summer season on a successful note.

2007 & 2008 Pre-academy Teams

In their final tournament of the summer, the 2007 Pre-academy Team opened up by winning both games on Saturday. In their first match they played Sportika, and after going 1-0 down very quickly, the boys came back and won 5-1 in a comfortable performance.

The 2nd game was against the RDS Summer Showcase Boys. With the Pre-academy Team 2-1 up at half time, it was a close game with both teams displaying some fantastic stuff. The Pre-academy Team eventually got the upper hand and finished the game off 5-1 winners.

The boys have finished the summer with a 100% record winning both the Lehigh Valley Challenge and the Pocono Cup, and were hopefully on their way to win EDP MAPS CAPS until the Sunday rain out.

Looking to go three-for-three in their summer tournaments, the 2008 Pre-academy Team won both of their games on Saturday to start the weekend. In a fantastic game, the 2008 Pre-academy Team edged out the 2008 RDS Summer Showcase Boys 4-3. This game was followed up by a match against Juventus Academy in the heavy rain where the team won 9-4.

Unfortunately no team was crowned champion, as the tournament was cut short due to the weather with all games on Sunday being cancelled.

2007, 2008, 2009 Boys Summer Showcase Teams

To round out their impressive summer the 2007 Boys Summer Showcase Team opened up with a 2-0 victory against Juventus United at the MAPS CAPS tournament. In their second game the players played against some familiar faces from the Red Bulls 2007 Pre-academy Team. Both teams put on a great display, however the 2007 Summer Showcase Team was edged out by the Pre-academy Team 5-1. The 2007 Summer Showcase Team finished the summer with a 9-1 record.

Coach Colby and the 2008 Summer Showcase Boys were excited for their final weekend of competition for the summer. In their first match they dominated the field against Maradonas 08B 10-1. The next match turned into an instant classic as our 2008 Summer Showcase Team and our 2008 Pre-academy Team squared off. Both teams showed creativity and had some great goals but ultimately the Pre-academy Boys came out on top 4-3. Our 2008 Summer Showcase Boys capped off their great summer season with a positive weekend.

The 2009 Boys Summer Showcase Team finished out their summer on a very high note. With the boys playing up an age group, they won a tight match against ProElite 3-2. In the following game, the team beat DTS 10-3 with confidence. A great weekend had by the entire team even though Sundays games were rained out due to weather. Below is a fantastic goal from the second match of the weekend.

2006 & 2007 Girls Summer Showcase Teams

The 2006 Girls Summer Showcase Team capped off their winning run with two victories on the Saturday beating J Gio. 11-0 and FC Copa Academy Red 8-1. With Sunday's games getting cancelled, the 06 girls finished the summer with a 10-0-0 overall record clinching championships in both the EDP Summer Classic and CJI. Unfortunately mother nature proved to be the real winner of MAPS CAPS.

In their final tournament of the summer, the 2007 Summer Showcase Team looked to get the ball rolling. All players were present, and they all communicated and moved the ball extremely well leading to their victories on Saturday 7-0 against FC Copa and 8-0 against NJ Crush. The girls understood their individual positioning and roles and the weekend was great preparation for the fall.

Both the 2006 and 2007 Girls Summer Showcase also had the opportunity to be recognized on-field at Red Bull Arena for women's soccer night. A truly memorable way to cap off an enjoyable and successful summer.

Over the course of the summer our seven teams matured and developed more as players while collecting 10 championships. Thank you to all players and parents for making this such a successful summer!

To learn more about our Summer Showcase teams and how you can be a part of the 2019 team, visit: http://www.redbullsacademy.com/training/rds/rds-showcase-tournament-teams/ or click on the link below.

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