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Meditation. Starting your day with meditation can really make a huge difference. In the future there will be links to specific guided meditations. However, with the start of this guided shift we will utilize a known resource. In your App Store find the app Simple Habit (or google simple habit meditation there is a web page). In "on the go section" select morning, select the amount of time you would like to meditat for, get in a comfortable position, and click on the "good morning option."

Grateful journal. There is a downloadable journal page for you to use or utilize your own journal for this exercise. The key here is to attach to the because. When we etch our feelings into what we are grateful for it becomes a driving factor towards our actions in success.

Spiritual/Inspirational. The key in this section is to take in the quote and work through the reflections. Honesty is the key to peering into our souls. Be genuine with yourself. Growth happens our of truth.

Ideas/Creativity. Every day there is a section wit a guided creativity task. Most of these will be creativity with words. It is an art form that anyone can tap into. It will help to jolt your mind out of habit and into a space of thought. Which leads to our next activity which is to write down three new ideas. You will struggle the most with this section. But I will say this is the most important section for growth. We are stunted by our lack of brain exercise. You will be blown away at what you can conceive when you begin to practice ideas. This section will be the easiest to negotiate past and skip. Yet I encourage you to spend the most time here.

Exercise Log. Whatever it is: commit to it and write it down. Have the will to be healthier. The world needs you for a very long time. Commit to health.

Once Question: write this one question down somewhere, email it to yourself, or play with it on social media. The main thing is to use it in a humility drivin exercise daily. Slow down long enough to ask the people you interact with these question. You will learn new things, hear new stories, and find new grounds of friendships by exercising these questions.

Visualization: So much of our success is bread in our mind before it even becomes action. Practice positivity and visualizing the best for yourself and your day. See it unfold for you in the most edifying way possible.

Affirmation: Finally--end with exclaiming affirmation for yourself. You are possible!!

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