Israel Carson Riggs

Israel is in the northern and eastern hemispheres and is located in asia

The country's that border Israel are Jordan to the east Lebanon to the north and Egypt to the south

These are the bordering countries of israel

Israels capitals coordinates are 31.7683° N, 35.2137° E


This is Israels capital Jerusalem

Israel is in the temperate zone an i is hot and cold during the year, there are four seasons summer,spring,fall,and winter. The arctic circle and the tropic of cancer make up the temperate zone.

Israel is In between the arctic circle and tropic of cancer

some of the major physical features are the Mediteranian sea which is next to Israel. Another physical feature is the dead sea which is also next to Israel

these are both the mediteranian sea.
this is the dead sea , as you can see it is so easy to float in the dead sea because there is so much salt and it is so much denser than regular water and you are denser than water so it is easy to float.


Israels population is 8.059 and is a medium size country.

this is israels population pyramid

Israels population density is 1012 people per square mile. Israel is a crowded country.

this is a graph of Israels population density

Israels growth rate is fast as it has a 1.61% growth per year. Israel is a fast growing country. Israls fertility rate is 3.08 children per woman.

on the left is Israels growth rate and on the right is Israels fertility rate.

Jerusalem is Israels biggest city also being its capital with a population of 773,000 people, second is tel Aviv with a population of 404,750, third is Hafia with a population of 268,300, fourth is Rishon le Ziyyon with a population of 217,400, last is Ashdod Hadarom with a population of 196,900.

Israel is more urban than rural. The urban population is 7721701 that is close to Israels population

Israels net migration rate is 1.68 migrants entering so there are more people entering than leaving


Israel is a developed country. Israels GDP per capita is $36,200 which meets the required $30,000 to be a developed country. Israels life expectancy is 81.28 which meets the developed country requirements. Israels literacy rate is 97.1990 which doesn't meet the requirements but it's so close that it could be considered a developed country.


The main languages are Hebrew Arabic and English.

The main religions are Turkish Muslim Christian and Druze.

People in Israel like to play soccer or football as it is their favorite sport they also do judo, canoeing and wind surfing. They play chess and tennis. Israels Fifa ranking is lowest right now.

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