St Mary's College TERM 2, ISSUE 5

Message from the Principal

Ngaji gurrjin, St Mary’s College Community,

It is hard to believe that we are rapidly approaching the end of Term 2. Exams are all completed, teachers are working hard on finalising reports as we enter NAIDOC week and participate in the much-anticipated Kimberley Cup before the term concludes. We are all very much looking forward to the Senior Ball tonight, which heralds another milestone for our Year 12’s signalling that their time with us gets ever shorter.

Our Year 10 students have had an exciting time over the last few weeks learning in the world. Our first Year 10 camp to Perth to explore tertiary education and life in the city has given our Year 10 students much to think about as we help them to understand all the possibilities of post school life. A big thank you to all our staff who travelled with the students and made the camp possible. We are so fortunate to have teachers who so generously give of their time to ensure such experiences can happen for our students. Following camp, the year 10’s went on a week of work experience in Broome and some even further afield, developing their understanding of life in the work force and what possible occupations or businesses they might find interesting. The feedback from those who hosted our students was enthusiastic and complimentary. Our students have certainly represented themselves and the College with pride on camp and on work experience. Well done Year 10 students. A special thank you to the Businesses and the community of Broome for supporting our students in work experience week. Without your generous support these amazing learning experiences would not be possible.

It has been a big couple of weeks for our Year 6 students also. Many of the year 6 cohort celebrated their confirmation on Saturday June 19th with a beautiful mass at Our Lady Queen of Peace Cathedral. This was preceded by much preparation including a parent workshop, sacramental preparation in class and a confirmation retreat. We thank the Year 6 class teachers, Fr Alexis and Monsignor Paul and Ms Keryn for all their work in preparing the children and the confirmation mass. The year 6’s were also very pleased to finally receive their Leaver’s shirts in the last few weeks and look very smart in them.

This week is an important time in our community as come together to celebrate NAIDOC Week. This year’s theme is ‘Heal Country’. We are all called to continue to seek greater protections for our lands, our waters, sacred sites and cultural heritage and prevent exploitation, desecration and destruction. Country is so special to our First Nations people, who speak about country like a person, sustaining our lives in every aspect, spiritually, physically, emotionally, socially and culturally. We are all invited this NAIDOC week to embrace First Nations’ peoples cultural knowledge and understanding of Country as part of Australia’s national heritage and equally respect the culture and values of Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islanders as they do the cultures and values of all Australians.

We began celebrations of this wonderful theme today by taking part in the Broome community NAIDOC walk and opening ceremony. This was a lovely way to connect with our own local Yawuru community here in Broome and to begin the dialogue of what it means to Heal Country. We will continue this dialogue over the next week on both primary and secondary campus’ with many experiences including a whole College assembly and Liturgy, excursions and activitie. The details for the week can be found on Facebook and in this newsletter.

We wish everyone a happy and safe NAIDOC week as we explore together in the spirit of our Catholic faith and reconciliation so that we develop a greater, deeper and richer appreciation of our First Nations Peoples who share their culture with everyone so generously.


Mrs Bell

Icon of Mary Winners 2021

As part of the Primary Campus Feast Day celebrations, the students from Pre- Primary to year 6 were encouraged to take part in the ‘Icon Of Mary’ art competition. The students were required to complete a piece of art depicting a picture of Mary.

A winner was selected from each classroom. The winners were:
















Josie Mazzulla - Primary Teacher - Visual Art Specialist

Sacrament of Confirmation

The Year 6 students participated in the Sacrament of Confirmation on the 19th of June.

The 20 confirmation candidates have been preparing all term for this special sacrament.

Gabby Prime - Teacher Primary

Be You - Beyond Blue

Carla Cunningham - Teacher at Primary

Football & Netball Derby Carnival

A big congratulations to our Year 5/6 students who participated in the Derby Carnival for footy and netball on Friday 11th June. Our teams have been training all term and had an early start in the morning on the bus to get to the carnival on time. Thank you to families for being so prompt and supportive with both training sessions and carnival days. Our students represented St Mary’s with pride and great sportsmanship over the course of the day.

Our netball team finished up 3rd overall for the day and our MVP was Anthea Corpus. Our football team finished the day undefeated and took out the Dockers Shield! Congratulations boys! Well done to Spencer Groenenberg who was awarded MVP, to Waylon Pigram who was awarded the Spirit Award and to Massimo Scriva who was awarded the Most Improved Award. It was an excellent effort from all students and we are so proud of our SMC kids!

A very big thank you to all the staff who made the day possible, including Mr. Joseph, Mr. Brad, Mr. Brodie, and Mr. Din, as well as Miss Pip, Miss Lyeesha, Miss Tahlia, and Miss Jessie. Our students are so lucky to have such supportive staff who offer their time to help out at training and on carnival days.


Jorje Harman - Teacher at Primary

North West Netball Championships

Congratulations to two of our Year 6 students on Primary – Hazel Wilson and Maliyah Angus who were selected to travel to Karratha to represent Broome in the North West Championships for netball. The competition was held last week June 18-20th.

The Under 12’s team just missed out on the Grand Final finishing up third overall. Congratulations girls and well done for representing SMC and Broome so well!

Jorje Harman - Primary Teacher

Visual Art Class

Year 8's finished the term completing ceramic and landscape tasks with some outstanding results, well done Year 8's.

Year 10 students have been completing realistic landscape paintings after examining the works of Australian artist Lin Onus. (Amica Giancono with her completed painting).

Year 12 General Visual art students are completing sculptural works and were fortunate to be visited by local artist and Tafe lecturer, Ms. Jody Loaring. Thank you to Ms. Loaring for showcasing your beautiful sculptures to the Year 11/12 visual art class.

Marie Little - Teacher at Secondary

Follow The Dream Sausage Sizzle Fundraiser

On Saturday 29th May, Follow the Dream (FTD) students and tutors attended the Follow the Dream sausage sizzle fundraiser event at Bunnings Warehouse. This was a combined fundraising event between Broome Senior High School and St Mary’s College. The event was to raise money for FTD camps in 2021 and to acknowledge Reconciliation Week.

Many thanks to all the students and tutors who turned up and assisted on the day. We had a wonderful afternoon chatting with the community and overall, the day was a big success.

Amanda Davies - HOLA - Learning Extension & Follow The Dream Co-ordinator

Year 10 Camp

Before we say all the amazing things we did during camp, we would like to say a huge thank you to all the teachers who helped make our camp possible. Thank you, Mr Mark F, Mr Ben, Mr Tim, Ms Tess, Ms Anna, Ms Caitlin, and Ms Cassidy for taking their time away from school and their families to come down to Perth with us and make sure we had a great time.

The Year 10 camp was a fun experience we got to go on. We were all extremely excited to be going to Perth because it was the first time in a long while we got to travel. Tuesday night when we arrived, from the airport we went to our accommodation, St Catherine’s, the rooms the girls stayed in were amazing, we had an ensuite, TV, 2 separate beds, and a mini kitchen, but I can’t really say the same about the boys’ room.

After we went to Rosemount bowling, where a lot of us learnt how bad at bowling we are. The next day we had a tour around UWA university, our favourite thing we did was the prosthetic leg competition. It was a challenge where we had a budget and limited resources to make a prosthetic leg, Rachel, Jemari and Hershey won.

We toured around Optus Stadium and saw the Eagles and Freo locker rooms and much more. By the end of that, we were all exhausted but we still had a few more things to do. We went to the Jewish Holocaust Centre and learned about heroes who helped some survivors from WW2. We then had dinner at Canton Bay Chinese Restaurant. it was really good, although there was so much food, we were full by the third dish. After dinner we watched ‘The Quiet Place 2’ at palace theatre, the movie was alright. We went back to our rooms and were extremely tired.

On the third day, we went to Curtin University. We had a tour and after that, we participated in a few activities. The first one we did we had to change either a backpack, water bottle, pencil case, or lunch box and turn it into a product that doesn’t exist. Olivia, Eliza, Breanne, Denasia, and Tiger’s group won after we did a scavenger hunt around the campus, we still don’t know which group won that one though. Later we went to the Fremantle Football Club listened to a presentation by Liam Henry and did some footy drills before going to our favorite activity for the day, shopping at the Carousel as well as mini-golf and karaoke.

On our last day, we visited the Fremantle Prison, which we all really enjoyed it. Our next destination was Murdoch TAFE followed by KFC, to which most of us were really looking forward to as we were hungry.

Sadly, we had to leave for the airport and come back home and to our normal routines back in Broome.

Rachel Wilson and Jemari Key- Year 10 Students

Year 11 Retreat

On Friday the 18th of June the Year 11 students spent the day reflecting on the Year 11 Retreat. The theme was leadership. Students were challenged to think about themselves for a day as a leader and were encouraged to show leadership skills like Jesus “The Good Shepherd”.

They enjoyed a subway lunch and some time away from the hustle and bustle of the everyday. Thank you to Ms. Cherie, Ms. Antonietta, Miss Sarah, and Mr. Ricky for their help in making the day run smoothly.

Nik Martinskis - HOLA - Religious Education

Barbier House Feast Day

Barbier House had their Feast day on the 16th of June and started the day with a House Mass. Thanks to Ms. Annalis and the Barbier House students who contributed to a wonderful mass.

Nik Martinskis - HOLA - Religious Education

Night of Notables

St Mary’s College has been running a new academic extension program for Year 7 students, known as Academic Challenge and Enrichment Studies (ACES).

This semester, under the direction of Ms. Amanda Davies (Head of Learning Area, Academic Extension) Year 7 ACES have worked hard on their ‘’Night of the Notables’’ project. Students had to choose and study about an eminent Scientist or Mathematician who has greatly impacted our world. This project concluded in the evening of Week 10, on Tuesday 22nd June, with a drama performance and display in the newly built Performing Arts Studio at St Mary’s College. With an effective display of teamwork, the students designed and produced a performance in the character of their Notables. The evening finished with a creative and comprehensive display of their work, where parents were able to view their displays and ask questions about their Notable.

The Night of the Notables is a project-based academic extension program with the intention to challenge the learner whilst allowing autonomy, through self-management and personal creativity. It also promotes team building, advanced communication and encourages the use of deeper inquiry skills.

Studying the lives of notable people shows that success comes from opportunity, hard work, persistence despite failure, scholarship, and teamwork as well as native talent.

Our Year 7 ACES students must be commended for their resilience, hard work, and creativity. This was certainly demonstrated in a fun and successful evening.

Amanda Davies HOLA - Learning Extensions & Follow the Dream Co-Ordinator

ViSN Exam Revision Seminar

As part of the Virtual Schools Network (ViSN) program for Year 12, 6 students from Year 12 were afforded the opportunity to fly down to Perth to meet one-on-one with ViSN teachers, talk to WA universities, get some careers guidance, study tips and speak directly with a representative from TISC.

Charlotte Westlake, Rosa Hungerford Morgan, Portia Bourke, Tahlia Eichenberg, Eloise Groeneveld, and Arys Bradley along with Ms. Tracey and Ms. Nina flew down to Perth for a weekend of academia which all students agreed was invaluable to their Year 12 studies. Can't wait to go again in 2021.

History Cake Week Bake Off

Week 9 was History Cake week for Year 11’s and 12’s who study Modern History through ViSN.

The history-themed cakes looked amazing as one by one student explained their cake and the period of history that inspired it.

It was a chance for Year 11’s and 12’s from around the state to meet each other, meet their prospective teachers, has a laugh, and get creative after a long period of exams and study.

Guess who won the bake-off?? Definitely the Year 11 ATAR Modern History Class which included Digby Stokes, Matilda Allen, and Sophie Little from St Mary’s College amongst others.

Nina Durack - Secondary Teacher

Year 10 Work Placement

Meg Stokes at Red Cross Shops

Jemari Key at Lotterywest

Hershey Pineda at Chinatown Pharmacy

All three girls received great praise from their bosses. All are doing everything that is asked of them and doing it well :) All are really enjoying it and had big smiles on their faces when they saw me :)

Cherie Milne - Teacher at Secondary

Lewis Varga at Field Air Conditioning & Auto Electrics

Mark Ross - Head of House Secondary

Dan Harris at Kimberley Cycles assembling a cargo trike.

Michael Lake - Teacher at Secondary

Coby Crispin & Tesley Banks having morning tea to meet and greet staff at Primary Campus.

Year 1 Classroom - Bagulbagul

Trudi Ridge - ATA Secondary

Sebastian Keating at Tackle World

Braden Famlonga - Teacher at Secondary

Specialist Instrumental Music

Tania Mckenna - Music Specialist Coordinator