Sustainable Energy Production in Saskatchewan By: Chloe Popowich

The current methods of energy production in Saskatchewan are fossil fuels, hydroelectric energy and solar energy. The percentage of fossil fuels in Saskatchewan is 71%, the percentage of hydroelectric energy is 23%. Solar energy is used in about 400 homes and businesses in Saskatchewan. I don't think these are very sustainable because I don't think they will last forever. However, I do think solar energy is pretty sustainable because there will always be sun. Fossil fuels pollute the air which is bad for the environment and also people breathing in that air, and they will eventually run out.

Hydroelectric energy works by flowing water that turns a turbine.

I think Saskatchewan should start using more hydroelectric energy because hydroelectric energy has a low impact on the environment and isn't very expensive. It doesn't pollute the air and only uses moving water to work. It is the most affordable cost of power and is a good source of energy and it is renewable. Hydroelectric energy is a reliable source of energy because as long as there is water you will have energy and it is a safe way to get energy. I think a good place another hydroelectric dam can be built is on the Saskatchewan River because it is a farely large river. It would be expensive to build it but not any more than any other source of energy.

There are a few cons to using hydro such as sometimes the fish can die in the turbines but there are fish ladders to prevent this from happening. Also from damming water sometimes a flood can happen.

This is a map from SaskPower , the blue squares are hydroelectric energy across Saskatchewan.

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