Welcome To Lemon Grove You think you know a little something about prison?

think again

Everything the general public knows about life inside American prisons comes from storytelling with the aperture of a keyhole.

Lemon Grove is a scripted dramatic series, drawn from the experiences of people who have lived and worked in these institutions for decades.

The leaders of lemon grove's inmate population struggle to stop the gang violence and embark on a unified fight for their human rights

Anyone who has spent time inside a penitentiary knows they are small cities unto themselves. Lemon Grove introduces viewers to this captivating world through the nuance and shades of gray that define the American prison experience. With gritty realism we walk through this complex political landscape, freeing audiences from the stylized and formulaic treatment that this world often receives.

The brutality found inside prisons is as much a result of human nature as it is the nature of the design of the institution. Love is everywhere in these ungodly confines and when it's nurtured, change happens.

But that's easier said than done.

Chico Calvillo, a baby-faced juvenile who shocks everyone who lays eyes on him, staff and inmate alike...
....and a White Crip, a Racial Contradiction that threatens to kick off a riot between the Skinheads, duty-bound to "stab him off the yard," and his Black Brothers who will defend him to the death.

As the 'D Yard' tinder box smolders...

The epicenter is D Yard: five cell blocks that comprise the most notorious yard in the most notorious prison in the state. Decisions made by the Shot Callers on D Yard ripple throughout Lemon Grove and other prisons statewide.
The commodities of the lemon grove economy ––narcotics, cell phones, extortion –– are traded at the pleasure and profit of corrupt staff, under the command of yard sargeant caroline butler.
But unbeknownst to prison administrators, these employees are being watched by an undercover federal agent working in the prison's medical unit.

But not all staff walk the dark side.

Lemon Grove has a new warden, an Ivy League criminologist who believes he knows how to turn a prison with an abhorrent reputation into a shining example of progressive correctional practices. Whether or not this seed of idealism (or naïveté) can take root at Lemon Grove remains to be seen.

in order to keep chico safe, warden smith places him with Dobie Fernandez, the most powerful Latino Shot Caller in the prison, the only measure he can imagine to keep the kid safe from predators and rival factions.
Recently awakened to the senselessness of the gang politics and violence, Dobie is about to distribute a peace treaty that's as likely to be greeted with blood as with diplomacy.
Lemon grove follows a journey of the awakened, as they try to set aside blood fueds that go back generations in order to fight for human rights, DECENCY and a fair shot at redemption.

lemon grove is based on true stories...

...Lots of them.

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