Different types of clouds AbBy DUrrett

Stratus Cloud, associated with continuously falling rain or snow, stable, 2000 meters
Cirrus Cloud, associated with high winds, Stable, 20,000 feet. 6,000 meters.
Altostratus Cloud, they form ahead of storms with continuous rain or snow, Stable, 2,400-6,100 Meters 6,500-24,000 feet
Cirrocumulus Cloud, seen in winter indicate cold but fair weather, unstable, 20,000 meters.
Altocumulus Cloud, help indicate convection or rising heat, unstable, 6,500-22,000 feet.
Cumulus Cloud, fair weather, unstable, 1,000 meters.
Cirrostratus Cloud, shows that weather will change within 24 hours, stable, 20,000 meters.
Stratocumulus Cloud, are seen either at the front or the tail of bad weather so they might indicate a storm to come, unstable, 6,500 feet.
Nimbostratus Cloud, they show that rain is about to come, stable, 2,000 meters and 6,500 feet.
Cumulonimbus Cloud, heavy rain, snow, hail, lighting, and tornadoes, unstable, 40,000 feet 12,000 meters.
Noctilucent Cloud, they are in the coldest part of the atmosphere, 80-85 Km meters, stable.
Arcus Cloud, leading edge of thunderstorm outflow, 6,500 feet, stable.
Alocumulus Castellanus Clouds, unstable, 2,000 meters 6,500 feet, heavier showers and thunderstorms.


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