Apollo's Island By: Max fetrow

Apollo's Island is a beautiful place where you can have a very relaxing time. It is very sunny there because Apollo is the god of the sun. They are known for their fantastic music, mostly played by Apollo who is also the god of music. Apollo is known for being the god of poetry, art, oracles, archery, plague, medicine, light and knowledge.
CEO and entertainer : Apollo. CFO: Hecuba (wife) Resort workers: Asclepius, Troilus, Aristaeus, and Orpheus (kids) Activity organizer: Leto (mom) and Chef: Zeus (dad) Head of island sports: Artemis (sister)
On Apollo's Island we will give you a wonderful relaxing time to take a load off of stress.
Apollo is the patron god of Delphi and also the holder of the Oracle of Delphi.
Apollo's symbols are, lyre, laurel wreath, python, raven, and bow and arrows.
Apollo's sacred animals are the dolphin, swan, and wolf.
Apollo's sacred plant is the laurel. They grow many laurels on Apollo's Island
Come sit back and relax on a nice vacation at Apollo's Island today!


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