The Three Agriculture Revolutions

First Agriculture Revolution- the domestication of plants and animals 11,000 years ago. It was the transformation of human societies from hunting and gathering to farming. Humans started to farm crops and raise animals instead of hunting and gathering. It made the way humans live easier because they no longer had to travel to get food. Wheat was the first crop to be grown by humans.
Second Agriculture Revolution- Improved farming efficiently and made farming faster so farmers could produce more crops and sell more to make more. It occurred between 1700 and 1900 in developed countries. It also helped with business because if they are making more products then there will be more to sell and buy.
Third agriculture revolution- It first occurred about 250 years after the second agriculture revolution started. The third agriculture revolution made farming more efficient by new mechanization and biotechnology. Farming now days has a lot more technology and bigger machines which can make it easier and faster to produce crops.
GMOS-Genetically modified organisms are a result of a lab where genes from one DNA sample from a animal or species is used to make another. It changes farming because it makes it a lot faster to produce crops. The good thing about gmos is they are keep longer and sell better but the bad thing about them is they are not always labeled in the United States so it can cause some people to get sick.


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