The Great Meltdown How Global Warming affects Beluga Whales

here is a picture of a beluga Whale Swimming!

Where do Beluga Whales live?

Beluga Whales are located in the Arctic Ocean. The climate in the Arctic is characterized by long cold winters and short, cool summers.

This is a map of where the Arctic Ocean is. This ocean is located on the Northern Hemisphere.

What is Global Warming?

Global Warming is the gradual increase in the overall temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere generally contributed by the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of Carbon Dioxide, Methane and other greenhouse gases.

In this picture you can see how Global Warming has increased over the years.

How Do beluga whales get affected by Global warming?

Beluga Whales get affected by Global Warming in many ways. The ones below are a few ways these whales can get affected.

Global Warming declines salinity because of the melting ice and increased rainfall. Global Warming declines salinity due to the increases of freshwater runoff. Climate changes in the Northwestern Hemisphere have melted glaciers and brought more rain, dumping more freshwater into oceans.

Global Warming can decline of krill population too. As climate changes and warms the Arctic Ocean, it alters sea ice patterns which is not suitable for krill to hatch and grow. Beluga Whales eat krill and they can die if they don’t have the necessary food.

Krill population has decreased over the years and this picture has represented that.
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