To be entertained by yourself Jordan Morris

When you walking into a lunch room where the schools goes from being dead to being a very fun and social environment. Do you expect to see a person sitting alone looking at there iPad? Well this is exactly what I saw, I saw a boy sitting alone and looking at his iPad and smiling. I wondered if the reason he was alone was because he didn't have any friends or he was to socially awkward to carry out a conversation. He was wearing black everything black shirt, black shorts, and black shoes he must of been wearing this to not separate him from the rest of the crowd. I looked at his face he was completely zoned into the video he was watching and had a really big smile on his face. I thought of how weird he was to be completely alone and to watch a YouTube video and have a smile on his that could make anyone smile because the pure happiness he was feeling when he was so focused into a random YouTube video he must found in the internet. His posture was very slump and seemed to be very lazy like he didn't care that he seemed like a slob that cared nothing for the people around him. But was this really how he felt though I asked and then I begined to further analyze the sitatuon.

The Person of Obeervation

I ask myself is it really because there socially awkward or is it simpler than that. When further analyzing him he was in a very focus mindset and seemed to be able to entertain himself. With his iPad opened and ear buds and smiling every few seconds he seemed to be watching a move or a YouTube video of some sort or even having a good time doing his homework for the next class. He just sits there being happy and being able to have good time without other people helping him being entertained and being able to be himself. Most the people who walk by him probably think what I thought in the beginning and that is he is just another socially awkward kid that has no friends but if they furthered looked into the situation they would of noticed he was watching a YouTube video or doing his homework. They probably didn't understand what he was doing. When he was sitting there all I could do was think he was socially awkward because all of the signals were coming out all at once for example: he was by himself in a socal period of the day, smiling at his iPad, and wasn't really talk to anyone around himself. This is when I stepped back and looked at the sitatuon all together and realize he was just smiling at what ever he was looking at if that was video or homework it didn't matter what mattered was that he was able to entertain himself.

In conclusion, the first impressions of a person is probably the most important thing when meeting a person for the first time. Even though I did not have the best of impressions of my person and how they were at lunch I further analyzed them and focused in what they were doing. For example, when my person was looking at his iPad smiling and having a laid back posture I figured he was just a socially akward kid sitting alone but when I looked into the sitatuon more I concluded that he was just having a good time on his own meaning that he was able to entertain himself and having a enjoyable time doing so without having other people there to entertain him.

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