JUdaism Nick Saucedo & Conrad Mastrud

Judaism, founded in the middle east, is the first Abrahamic religion and one of the oldest monotheistic religions. It's called this because Abraham is their main prophet, Christianity and Islam are also Abrahamic religions.

The holy book for Judaism is the Torah, which they study in a synagogue from the teachings of their rabbi. They believe that they are gods chosen people and are here to set an example on how to act for the rest of the world.

The different sects of the Jewish faith are conservative, which want to save the traditional elements while also modernizing it. Reform, like conservative except they don't necessarily have to keep the traditional elements and may change them. And Orthodox, the most traditional of all the sects, they believe the Torah is written law and must not be changed.

Some of the jewish holidays are Yom Kippur - the day of atonement, in which they do not eat or drink and have other restrictions as well. Hannukkah, which is a holiday that lasts 8 days, originating from an apocryphal book about a days worth of olive oil lasting 8 days, during this holiday, they tend to eat foods made in oil. And passover, which commemorates the freedom of Israelite slaves from Egypt


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