Saturn By: randi-lynn smith

My planets name is Saturn.

Saturn is a gas giant, it is known for having no surface but a rocky inner core with a layer composing of liquid metallic hydrogen.

Saturn is huge

The size of Saturn is 36,184 miles. The weight of Saturn is 5.683 x 10^26.

Six planet

Saturn is also the sixth planet from the sun.

The average daytime, and nighttime temperature is 288 degrees Fahrenheit.

The weather with an average temperature of minus 288 degrees Fahrenheit and frequent powerful storms throughout the planet, Saturn is not hospitable to life.

Unlike most planets in the Milky Way, Saturn derives its heat from its core rather than from the Sun.

That's a lot of moons

Saturn has up to 52-63 moons. Thats way to many to count. Without already knowing.

How does that even happen?!?!?!?!?!

People ask if there are any volcanoes on Saturn, yes there is one volcanoe, but it's the volcanoe that you will typically see. This volcanoe shoots out ice instead of lava. Crazy right?

Saturn the god of agriculture

You know what else is crazy? In Roman mythology, Saturn is named after the god of agriculture.

The first person to discover Saturn

The first person to discover Saturn was Galileo. Galileo discovered Saturn with a telescope in 1610.

It is currenty possible for people to travel to Saturn. On April 22, 2017, Cassini will leap over the rings to begin its final series of daring dives between the planet and the inner edge of the rings.

Saturn also has 7 rings which is 6 less then how many Uranus has and also 3 more then jupiters rings, Neptune is also a planet that has rings but Saturn has 2 more then Neptune.

It takes Saturn 10,755.7 earth days to go around the sun.

This is the conclusion to my planet Saturn.

The End

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