The Harn Museum My experience

February 18, 2017

Medium of the Art

Upon entering the museum, my eyes immediately looked at this artwork on the wall. This was sculpted by Frank Stella who took a liking to racing. Therefore, he wanted to express the fast turns and the adrenaline experienced from the racing. He did this by combining two elements: arabesque and etched magnesium. Seeing this art in person helps emphasis the rapid turns in a race. I found the colors very striking but when I read why Frank used bright colors, it made sense. It was very confusing to interpret at first since it just looked like painted, crumpled pieces of metal.

Design of the Museum

An exhibit that caught my eye was the Juchiteca de pie. As I was walking through the Hispanic Art wing, it was all just paintings and pictures on the wall. I did not realize that this exhibit was part of the museum. I just thought it was to let some natural light in. However, upon further inspection, I saw the small statue of the women in the middle. I loved how the artist utilized elements of the foreground, middle ground and background to emphasize the sculpture. There was a lot of open small for a small statue. I enjoyed the exhibit because I like simple art; I do not like art where there is so much going on that it is hard to take it apart and comprehend the meaning behind it.

Art and Core Values

These photographs captured by Eija-Liisa Ahtila appealed to by core value of hard work. One of the photographs displays a mother taking care of her child while also constructing a small house. It shows that the mother has to juggle multiple roles at once and she has to put in all of her effort for both tasks. Upon seeing this picture, I immediately felt admiration. I am a mere college student who is lucky to have college paid for, food to eat and a place to stay. There are people who dod not have that privilege and must work hard. It helped me understand that I should cherish my mom more because she was in a similar situation where she had to take care of two kids and work at the same time. Not only my mom, but other parents who would do anything for their child.

Art and the Good Life

Once I saw this sculpture, it reminded me of Siddhartha. He went to different groups and learned more about the world but he was not satisfied. Siddhartha went through many obstacles until he was able to reach Enlightenment. The theme depicted is that we must go through hardships and let go of the ones we love to experience the good life. It adds to my understanding of the theme of going through hardships because its worth it since in the end you are at peace.

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