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  • On this podcast you'll find stuff about my work in social studies classes and the things in that changed our lives and put the world where it is today. It is called success because in life all everyone wants to do is have success and only some people have it and those people make a change in this world.

All About me page

My name is Enrique Silva and this page is all about me. I'm just a normal 14 year old boy who just likes to have fun and just overall have a good time. I'm very active and I always like to have fun, and I like sports. I've been verytalkative ever since I was little but i do get shy every now and then. My goal in life is when I'm older I want to have the job I've always dreamed of, a nice house, a wife, a nice car. I just want to have the best life I possibly could have for myself


This podcast will be about the Conditions and what people went through, and what it was like during it. Too learn more if your interested listen to the podcast below and find out for yourself.

Bill Gates: New titan of industry?

Something about Bill Gates and a Titans of industry is in common, and that willpower. If you think about it they're The same. All they ever wanted was to make their companies and have more and more for themselves. It's not greedy because all their doing is being successful in changing the world. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are fighting over who's company is better but then again they wouldn't be challenged by someone if only one existed, because they both always felt challenged so they always did better and made something better about their projects. They always felt like they were challenged and it just made their projects better and it put Computers to a wholes new level. It's the same thing with John D. Rockefeller and his curuzine lamps versus JP Morgan and Electricity. They both had competition against each other but like Gates and Jobs, it pushed them to do better and ache more things. So what I'm trying to say is these are similar events because if you think about Gates and Jobs are basically repeating with the titans did and that's not a bad thing because look where they put the world today. What were all learning from this is you can't be good with out competition because it pushes you do want more, and do better in life. So it's like saying There is no Chicago Soxs team, Then the Chicago Cubs are the only team in Chicago and don't have to fight who has the best Chicago Team. But if there was it would make both teams do better and learn from each other, and maybe not only be the best team in Chicago, but maybe want to be the best team in the league because they want to be better. Then they have to go through competition to make them the best.


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