Photography Jaylah Mickle

This my first abstract photo. This is a picture of hangers in the old fitness room. I went for a dark/ mysterious look to make the photo more interesting.
This is another abstract photo. This is a picture of a rug in the LRC. I wanted the rug to stand out, so I made the picture brighter.
This is my last Abstract photo. This is a picture of a table in Mr. Zs room. I went for a light and somewhat dark photo. I think the red stands out a lot because of the blur in the background.
This is my first Documentary photo. I took a picture of this student because she looks confused. The black and white really makes the photo more appealing.
This is my second Documentary photo. This is a picture of a 8th period gym class. I wanted to make this picture stand out to show more color in this picture.
This is my last Documentary picture. this is a picture of Mr. Hey and Mrs. Lange Teen leadership class. The student in this picture seems very engaged in what she was doing.
This is my first texture photo. This is a picture of a guitar in the music room. I wanted to go with a black and white picture because it makes the picture more calm.
This is my second texture photo. I decided to take this picture because the color of the picture is very bright. With the white around the edges really brighten the picture.
This is my third texture photo. I wanted to brighten up this picture more, so I decided to go with a brighter theme.
This is my first advertisement photo. I wanted the picture to have a little blur but at the same time, be able to see it.
This is my second advertisement. I went for a lighter/ rustic look because it brings the picture out.
This is my last advertisement photo. I went with the white background to make the fragrance bottle stand out.
This is my first portrait photo. I went for a darker background to bring out this student eyes.
This is my second portrait photo. I took this photo by the window to bring some natural light in.
This is my last portrait photo. I also took this picture so that the natural light could bring more lighting in.
This is my first reflection photo. I gave this more of an original look.
This is my second reflection photo. I wanted to bring out the lock more, so I chose a lighter color to really fit the picture.
This is my second reflection photo. I wanted to bring out this picture so I went for a lighter color to bring out the reflection.
This is my first perspective photo. I thought it was really cool because I was squeezing this student head.
This is my second perspective photo. This photo is really cool because it looks like the water bottle is spilling on this student head.
This is my last perspective photo. This is my favorite one because it looks like I'm feeding this student.
This is my magazine photo. I wanted to make the magazine stand out with different types of colors and make the magazine so that everyone could enjoy looking at.


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