LOL...OMG Chapter 4


A girl named Nicole was frustrated and annoyed because the finals were coming up and she decided she needed to vent about something. She chose to talk about the Asians in the library and how annoying they were. She made a video and uploaded it, all of her friends seen it and shared it, in two days the video had gone viral all over campus. Nicole realized that it was wrong so she decided to take it down but by then the video had been downloaded and shared in other accounts. The video went viral and even made it on television. She eventually realized it was wrong and made an apology letter and no longer attends UCLA.

I think this chapter teaches you that once you post online it never goes away. The second you post online most likely someone has/will seen it. I think that you should think twice before you "click". You should think about how it will effect them, harm them, insult them, and if it will disturb others.

Favorite Passage

I think these passages mean a lot in the story because she apologized and knew what she did wrong and how hurtful it was.

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