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Prayer is one of the most powerful witnessing tools, like VISA it’s accepted almost everywhere! I use prayer to bring God’s blessing to my waiter or waitress, the person in line at the store. My spirit is gladdened as I see many of you doing this too! We are becoming an army of prayer warriors in our everyday life where we live, work and play. I have countless stories of blessings that have come as God Almighty hears, answers and then brings His blessing to bear on the one prayed for. That’s one reason why I frequent the same places, I like to be recognized as being the “prayer guy,” and I also like to see how God has been at work in their life. Many times we get to pick up where we left off.

I was recently at a conference in Austin eating at a local restaurant with another mission executive. I asked the waitress if there was anything we could pray for, she said, “Yes, my cousin and I are being evicted today from our apartment and I don’t know where we are going to stay tonight.” I said, let’s pray about that, after all our Lord understands having no room in the inn.

When she had left, I said to my dinner companion, “What if we do something special to bless her?” I opened my wallet and we each pulled out some money. When we handed her our gift, she was overjoyed and the Lord opened up a greater opportunity for us to share the certainty of His love and provision for her as His child.

An experience in Gainesville, GA led me to see that praying for your wait staff in group settings is great. I offered to pray for our waitress at the end of our meal, apologizing that we had missed her earlier. She replied that she needed more hours. Overhearing our conversation, another waitress asked, “Will you pray for me too?” She needed a new job that was flexible because she was expecting and wanted to continue her classes. Following the prayer, one of the church members in our group asked the second waitress what she was trained in. She said that she is a classical dance instructor. Smiling, a church member in our group, let her know that he and his wife run a dance studio and they were hiring! Pastor Hoffman then said that the church has a great pre-school and that he’d like to baptize her baby if she doesn't have a church home. She said, we have been looking, my husband is Catholic, and I am Lutheran!


Many of you are praying for waiters, waitresses, neighbors, coworkers, family, friends, people in line, people on the plane, people at the gym. Great, keep it up fellow prayer warriors! Go ahead, take the next step and look at all that the Lord has given you. Can you see something that you can do or provide to be a part of God’s answer to their prayer? Have fun doing this! You will be blessed and so will they.”

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