Social - ites Becoming social media savvy

Why it’s important

  • 89% of teens have their own smartphone
  • They grew up on Instagram and Snapchat
  • They do research papers on google classroom

And teen suicide, cyber bullying & eroding social skills are attention-worthy

What you can do

  • Model healthy habits / healthy engagement with devices
  • Research, be aware of useful, helpful apps, etc., that both you and young people can use.
  • Communicate: ask what their using, whom they interact with, how to use the apps.

Other helpful/health-promoting apps


Meditation Studio, Calm, Headspace

SocialMedia Power

  • #arabspring
  • #blacklivesmatter
  • #metoo
Apple Devices
  • @interiorcastle
  • @durandumc
  • @thevalra
  • @howiejim




  • #beEirenic
  • #bejust #justbe
  • #InstrumentOfPeace
  • #LoveMercy #SeekJustice #WalkHumbly

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