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Jan's Journal

Jan Gonzales, Superintendent

Hi Everyone!

It was wonderful seeing most of you at Opening Day! That is always a great day with lots of proud moments, including our awardees whom I would love to congratulate again!

Lisa Ladao – Teacher of the Year

Veronica Venegas - Classified Employee of the Year

Shavonne Mayhan - John Levell Award

Kenisha Williams - Marie Miller Award

There is always so much more to be proud of in VESD. In your day to day work you produce awesome deeds, gestures and work with our students.

Your work isn’t easy and the constant change education brings compounds that. Years and years ago, in a psychology class we discussed a person’s equilibrium and disequilibrium; probably outdated terms now. Equilibrium means you are in a personal place where you are comfortable and knowledgeable, for example when you have been in a job a while with few changes, so you know this job well. Disequilibrium is when you are uncomfortable, learning, and somewhat unsure of yourself.

It seems in education we are in disequilibrium more than in equilibrium, and as time marches on there is very little time with no change. Information and research are prolific and the results of these are fed into our world constantly. The hurdle that I am always working to get over is learning to treat periods of disequilibrium with a positive mindset. ☺

The one piece of knowledge that VESD is sticking to is that our students must learn how to learn. I appreciate that you all role model this every day because we, the adults in VESD, are learning consistently. I appreciate that you are building relationships with your students because you can’t teach a student you don’t know. I appreciate that you look at each student as an individual with potential.

Thank you for a wonderful beginning to 2016/2017, and for everything you do for children.


The Basics are Back!

The Basics Awaken t-shirts have arrived at all sites! Starting this month, our principals/managers will recognize employees who exemplify the Basics! Each deserving winner will be awarded a special Basics Awaken t-shirt!


1. The decisions we make are for the good of all students.

2. We lead by example and treat people with the respect and trust that are the foundation of our organization, using professional courtesy in all interactions.

3. As ambassadors of VESD, our conduct is held in high regard and reflected in all we do. Therefore, we act positively in our speech, work ethic, and social media conduct.

4. As role models, we take pride in our professional dress, personal appearance, and the materials and equipment entrusted to us.

5. We are responsible for providing and maintaining a safe, accident-free environment that fosters physical and emotional security.

6. We participate in planning and seek ways to improve current systems while proactively creating opportunities to improve personal competence. We do whatever it takes to ensure positive results.

7. We take responsibility and communicate concerns, providing possible solutions in order to create an environment of teamwork.

8. We honor and respect others’ time by acknowledging phone calls, e-mails, and messages by the next business day.

9. We recognize others’ accomplishments, efforts, and positive attitudes.

10. We create diversity-inclusive working and learning environments, free from discrimination and harassment, to promote opportunity and equality for all.

Keaton Simon's VEEF Fundraiser Concert

Personnel Updates

Attention All Medical Insurance Covered Employees – Join the Wellvolution!

Did you know Walkadoo is part of a bigger picture? It is one of the many services included in Wellvolution!

Wellvolution and Walkadoo are available to HDIEET participants in either Blue Shield or Kaiser plans! Wellvolution includes:

Well-Being Assessment – Receive a confidential,* personalized report of your overall well-being and ways to improve your health.

Daily Challenge® – Improve your overall health through daily wellness-related activities that are simple and fun.

• QuitNet® – Get the help you need to quit smoking with QuitNet, the largest smoking cessation community in the world.

• WalkadooTM – Walkadoo is a wellness program for every walk of life. Simply wear a wireless device that counts your steps throughout the day, and you’ll earn points that count toward real rewards.

WALKADOO Rewards is back, and it is improved!!! Instead of one 6-week contest, HDIEET will now offer two 4-week contests and a new activity device… the FitBit Zip!

You will now have 8 chances to win $300 starting in October 2016 and then again in early 2017.


HDIEET members can order their very own FitBit Zip device that will be shipped directly to their home for use in our walking competition. Sign up at to join the Wellvolution today.

New Service Available to Blue Shield Members - Blue Shield Teladoc®

Teladoc® is available to HDIEET Blue Shield members as of July 1, 2016 at a $10 copay. In order for a Teladoc Doctor to assist members an account is required. This account will allow U.S. Board-Certified Doctors to assist members 24/7/365 resolve medical issues via phone or video consult.

Blue Shield members will need to register prior to September 30, 2016 to qualify for an iPad that will be raffled off. To set-up your account, visit the Teladoc website, click “Set up account” and provide the required information. You can also call Teladoc for assistance over the phone at 1-800-Teladoc.

In case you missed it, here's the opening day summer slideshow...

Foster Youth Update

Tanya Benitez, Assistant Superintendent of Pupil Services

Pupil Services Department continues to focus on creating avenues of support to reach our foster youth and their families. At the end of last school year, our Foster Youth Committee finalized uniform procedures for all foster youth and kinship students enrolling at our district. Procedures include:

• Uniforms, backpack, and school supplies readily available for foster students before their first day of school.

• Ensure Free/Reduced Lunch Application has been completed.

• A referral form to the school clerk and site psychologist to review all school documents in regards to the students' individual needs including documentation of counseling.

• Refer any family members raising students to kinship agency such as Helping Hands.

• Contact Heather Hayball to access Foster Focus/ CalPADS for any special education information, social work information, and education right holder. Heather has created a file for each site showing current contact information.

• For any students receiving special education services, an IEP meeting scheduled within the first three weeks of school to address academic and behavioral goals.

Heather Hayball, school psychologist designated to support Foster Youth, will be visiting all school site offices to answer questions and provide information. Site visits started the first week of October.

Our committee is also planning events for the school year. Our 2nd Annual Scrapbooking will be held on December 13th at Brentwood School. We also have a Family Night at Scandia planned for April 11th. Please email Heather Hayball at or Tanya Benitez at if you would like more information or if you are interested in joining the Foster Youth Committee.

Team VESD Participates in High Desert Fitness Challenge

VESD Softball Team
VESD Tug-o-war Team
VESD Volleyball Team
VESD Flag Football Team
VESD Zumba Team
VESD 3-Gun Shooting Team

What's Happening Around the District...

Our African-American Engagement Committee met for the first time this year.
Our Family Resource Center began hosting ESL Classes
The robotics program kicked off!
Irwin Academy performed at the Hesperia Day's Parade
Tony Chavez accepted Brentwood's PBIS implementation from the California PBIS Coalition.
VESD welcomed 52 new teachers!
Brentwood 2nd graders are eager to plant their vegetables!
Jorge and his team open the VESD Family Resource Center!
Team VESD at City of Victorville's Fall Festival event.
Principal Barles shares Parkview' PBIS successful strategies with HDC's elementary volunteer team.
Hundreds of families packed the halls at Brentwood!
Students participated in flag-football!
Willy Wonka and his Oompa-Loompa's hosted an awesome Harvest Festival at Del Rey.
This year's Strategic Study was a great success!
Our sites received their 5-star awards!
The Inland Empire United Way donated supplies to VESD sites.
Students learned about careers in the manufacturing, engineering and minings industries.
Challenger students gave an awesome presentation at the board meeting!
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