Otzi The Iceman By: Janica dhaliwal

All About Otzi

Otzi, the Iceman, is a well preserved mummy of a man who lived around 3,300 BCE. He was found on September 19, 1991 by two German tourists at an elevation of 3,210 meters in the northern Alps, near the Austrian and Italian borders. Otzi was preserved due to the length of time as he laid in the snow and ice. His body was dehydrated, and froze due to the snow.

When did the iceman live? How do we know?

Otzi lived around 3,300 BCE, in the Copper Age. We know this, because his axe was made out of copper, and because scientists used carbon dating to determine the age of ice man.

How many tattoos does Otzi have?

On the body of the mummy were so far identified 61 tattoos all depicting groups of lines or crosses. Unlike the modern ones have not been performed with a needle, but carrying on the thin skin incisions and by wiping over the charcoal powder. They are all at the coastal area of ​​the lumbar vertebrae, on the left wrist, right knee, calves and ankles.

How did the iceman die? When did the Iceman die?

Otzi was shot by Flint arrow head, but there are a lot of more theories on how he died. He was killed in the spring, or the early summer 5,300 years ago when he was about 40 years old.

Why was Otzi's axe important?

Otzi’s axe was important because it was a simple of rank, it was also made in the time period 3000 BC. They also cherished it as a weapon.

The Death

I came to the conclusion where Otzi was probably hit by an arrow and bled to death. I came to this conclusion because scientists discovered a flint arrowhead lodged in the ancient man’s back.

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