The Zoo Project Based Learning


  • What kind of tools/machinery do the people use to train the animals?
  • Private or public zoos?
  • Inside or Outside domain?
  • How are people trained to work with the animals?
  • What kind of food is served?
  • How are animals treated in captivity? Do they have rights? Are there regulations in place to protect both animals and humans involved?
  • Is there a roof/ceiling over the enclosure?
  • How big is the enclosure?
  • How many animals can fit in one domain?
  • Will there habitat be realistic?
  • What is the animal’s past? Do other trainers have anything bad in their past—background check?
  • Do they get enough to eat (like wild animals)?
  • If they are sick, do the trainers take care of them or do vets take care of them?
  • Do they have to earn their food or do they get fed no matter what?
  • Do they let animals out to clean out tanks/cages?
  • Are here regulations for the age it can be taken from their parents/home?
  • When did zoos start happening in malls?
  • Do birds in zoos have wings clipped, do body parts get altered?
  • Do they get to run free out of cages or are they stuck in the cage forever?
  • When it rains or inclement weather, and their cage is outside, do they go inside?
  • Why do some zoos sell animals to other zoos?
  • How many domains do they have in malls?
  • How many animals?
  • Are animals separated from others like them?
  • How many animals per domain?
  • How do they get treated?
  • Why do we capture animals in the wild?
  • What do these animals need to survive in captivity?
  • How did Ivan survive at the Big Top Mall?
  • What is the differences in lifespan between captive animals and wild animals?
  • Why do humans quickly jump to conclusions and kill an animal when it is just acting like an animal? (kid in gorilla cage, etc)
  • How can people help animals in captivity live longer?
  • How can humans give animals in captivity a better life?
  • How are animals in different places treated?
  • Do animals have enough space in their domains?
  • What are the requirements to have an animal in captivity?
  • Do they need a partner (another animal) in their area so they are no lonely?
  • What types of malls have animals in captivity?


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Shane Brazile


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