Submersible Crawler With more than 45 years of industrial cleaning experience, MPW provides cutting-edge equipment for underwater inspections, vacuuming or pressure washing.

MPW’s versatile Submersible Crawler completes video inspections in tight areas and on difficult surfaces. Rare-earth magnetic wheels allow the crawler to scale nearly any direction on ferrous metals, including some walls and tanks. To execute industrial cleaning projects with the safest hands-free techniques, MPW adds pressure-washing and vacuuming attachments to the vehicle.

With an onboard HD camera, high-efficiency LED flood lights and a convenient handheld controller, operators effortlessly examine areas that are out of reach or underwater. Internal batteries provide optimum portability and offer up to 8 hours of operation after a single 90-minute charge.

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  • Industrial-strength vacuuming and pressure-washing attachments
  • Safest hands-free equipment available
  • Magnetic wheels allow crawler to scale metal walls
  • Built for underwater inspections up to 50 meters in depth
  • LCD controller sensors measure pitch, roll, direction and depth


  • More efficient inspections and/or cleanings of hard-to-reach or underwater areas
  • Hands-free cleaning techniques decrease safety-related incidents
  • Decreases cleaning duration
  • Increases productivity while meeting customer requirements


Boone McAdams, Ryan Cullins

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