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“ I don’t know how to say it exactly only I want to die myself.’’

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Goodbye my lover by: James blunt

About Me

Hi I am Peeta I am 16 years old and I am from district 12. My district’s characteristics are coal. I grew up in a merchant's area. I work in a bakery back at home. I make the bread and sometimes frost cakes. This can help me in the Hunger Games because frosting cakes can help me with camouflage.

My Blog Entry

“ I volunteer ! ’’ I stopped and looked around thousands of people. Everything was ‘‘so’’ quiet you could hear a pin drop. Then I realized that it was Katniss that volunteered. The first thing I thought was Why would she do that. Even though I knew why she did it but it doesn't make sense. As she walked up every everyone just held up the three finger salute meaning thanks. They did it because she is the only one who has volunteered in a very long time. Also she volunteered for a little girl no one wants to see a 12 year old have to do that.

It was time for the boys everything was quiet. As I looked around I saw every single boy in fear of who was going to get called. Then out of thousands of people they call, I mean what is the chance they would call me. But it was me they called “Peeta Mellark.’’ I stood there in shock. I didn’t know what to do.

My Interests And Favorites

I am good at camouflage and painting since I work in a bakery. I am also very handy with a knife.

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