Oil spill in Niger Delta By: Tatum Cordon & Sienna Robie

The picture above shows 2 Nigerians cleaning up the massive oil spill and collecting it so it does not ruin/destroy their land! The devastation that hit the land of Nigeria is, well - devastating! The amount of water is poor, the food supply is being destroyed, the jobs are unable to be done, LOTS of work needs to be done and even innocent animals have been killed/awfully injured!


The picture above shows a bird struggling because of the oil spill. Research has shown that there has been an unbelievable amount of 474 spills in 2012, in only 1 area - that's a lot! Some people in Nigeria have to walk for 2 hours before they can find clean water where there is no oil. The pollution/oil has sucked the life out of this poor nation. As said by Will Ross, from BBC News, "The vegetation ended abruptly and the color of the landscape from green to black. I was getting a rare look at the booming trade in stolen oil in southern Nigeria."


To help the Nigerian oil spill you can make an inspiring video or website or some sort of protest. ElDee (Nigerian singer) made a song called "One Day" about what he thinks about the spill. Check it out! Link below.


The picture above shows Nigerians protesting against shell and the oil spill - they believe that Shell is responsible for the oil spill. They are trying to show/tell Shell to take the blame for what (the citizens believe) Shell did and to "OWN UP. PAY UP. CLEAN UP." what they are saying or protesting is that they want shell to come to Nigeria and help clean up the huge mess they made and according to recent research, shell admits to spilling 55,809,000 litres of oil in the Niger Delta!! “We are sad and angry, and we have been made poor,” says Barine. It’s easy to see why. Shell’s toxic legacy still lingers in her village, its half-hearted clean-ups having changed absolutely nothing. According to https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/campaigns/2015/11/shell-clean-up-oil-pollution-niger-delta/



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