Tattoos on the heart By: MiaRotella

Preface and Introduction: It is interesting to me that father Boyle has tried to write this book over a decade. He tells us that this is not a book on "How to deal with gangs." He is Easily saying that he wrote this book to teach us untouched important catagoires many people don't talk about. Father Boyle started the Homeboy Industries to help improve the lives of gang members. Many people, even I at the start of this book, look at gang members as bad, scary people. Father Boyle held much hope for these gang members. He is helping them leave a legacy that they would want to leave.
This is a picture of God, I guess. In chapter one, God, I Guess, this powerful story stood out to me. Mike Wallace nailed a bunch of questions at a homie about why Father Boyle won't turn him in. Is a simple response he says, God, I Guess. To me this means that Father Boyle has put trust in the homies and they are learning to put trust in God. They came from such dark paths and it is starting to lighten up especially when they have God by there side to lead them along the way.
Chapter 2: Disgrace, in this chapter dis-grace means bouncing back from your mistakes. One example of a story is when Danny lied and said " I didn't did it". He set the firecrackers off in the bathroom and father G said ok Danny if you didn't do it, I believe you. He then gives Danny 5 dollars to buy some food. Danny stands and weeps because he did do it. He realized his misktake and knew that he could do better.
Chapter 3: Compassion, Father Boyle taught a lot about being compassionate and having great compassion. To me compassion means a burning passion for for something or even someone. Anthony was a gang member that wanted to change his life around and become a mechanic. Father Boyle had a friend named Dennis, but Dennis wasn't the most happiest person alive. He was always straight faced smoking a frajo (cigarette). He ask Dennis if Anthony could work with him, his response was "Ill teach him everything I know." Sense Dennis and Anthony have been working together, it's made them both more compassionate toward eachother and life. Dennis now smiles and has lightened up his mood and Anthony has a job and is happy to be learning.
Water, Oil, and Flame, Chapter 4. Water, Oil, and Flame to me means a new beginning. Baptism is the beginning of your life with God and with the church. Jose got a new beginning in chapter five. He got baptized by Father G, and Jose was a little nervous. It made me laugh when Jose said "You gonna wet me". Father G was like um yes kinda the idea of a baptism!
Chapter 5: Slow Work, The story that stuck out to me the most in this chapter is when Omar wants to talk to Father G about something important. He tells Father G to meet him in the unit KL. Father G is in a rush to get to a Mass and before they even get into a conversation Father G says he has to leave. Omar decided to pull a quick question on father G before he left and asked how many gang members he has buried. Father G says 75, but he also says " it will end the minute you decide." This leads to Omar saying, then I decide. Slow Work means accomplishing something that may take time, it also means being patient in the work of God.
Chapter 6: jurisdiction, to me jurisdiction in this chapter means how far the gang members came from there territory and what jurisdiction/territory they want to claim. Chepe and richie went to a restaurant with father G, and they felt very judged. The waitress was ought to be "Jesus" because she treated chepe and Richie like they mattered in the world. They do matter in the shows her kindness and love towards others no matter who they are or what they look like.
Chapter 7: Gladness. Gladness means showing happiness towards others. Gang member Moreno was taking a drive with Father G. There conversation feel into the category of school, and Father G asked, what subject do you like? He said he didn't like school, but when Father G said how about biology, Moreno went crazy. He said I love biology and told Father G that he gets to digest a frog... He meant dissect! Father G and Moreno showed gladness towards each other, they made each other smile and laugh.
Chapter 8: Success, Soledad was the mom of Ronnie and Angel. Ronnie got shot in the back of the head and died. Soledad took his death very hard, so Angel took the stand and told his mom that she still has three kids left. Angel ended up dying, also, not long after Ronnie. Soledad knew she had two precious kids left so she had to keep strong. Then Soledad ended up in the hospital, while she was there the gang member that killed her son ended up in the room next to hers. You would think that she would want him to die, no. She prayed for him to live! This shows success because Soledad didn't want that kids mom to have to go through what she had to. She wished for a successful live of this young man.
Chapter 9: kinship, kinship means family, the homeboy industries is a family, they stick together. Bandit used to be a trouble maker, until he found homeboy industries. He became such a better man and got a job. He runs the warehouse factory at homeboy. Fifteen years down the road he gives a call to Father G and pleads for help because his daughter is going to collage! Father g said he would be more then welcome to come as give Carolina, bandits daughter, a blessing. This shows that Father g will always be there for his "family".
This book was such an inspiration to me, it opened my eyes. It mainly taught me to never judge anyone for who they are. I also was very intimidated, scared by gang members, being honest, but father g showed me the strong drive he shows for gang members. He showed me how to give hope to others. Overall I loved this book and I hope many more people in this world read this book and become inspired, just like I have been.

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