The Land of Sweet ShopHeaven. By heather rObinson.

On the day I discovered the land of Sweet Shop Heaven, I felt compelled to investigate. Immediately spellbound, I was later told by Mrs Centaur, who is a horse-lady (half horse, half human) who had been letting me stay in her home, that I had arrived through Sugar Sweet Pass. As this island was so intriguing, I told the villagers that I would be staying a while. When Mrs Centaur then explained to me how the island behaves, I knew I had to move quickly with the tasks I had promised myself I'd do, like collect specimens, draw sketches, write reports...

I hope this guide will give some insight into this strange, mesmerising and little island. I had been captivated, so I hope you will be too!

Love Heart Beach

The islanders get married and divorced here. The ring-bearers are the rare and chocolate-brown Tri-O-Woof which, amazingly, come out of the sea when the villagers are getting married! Once you are wedded, your Tri-O-Woof will latch onto you forever. The rings are special, marriage rings, so they will "last" until you get divorced it you die. Unusually the Tri-O-Woof will die with you, and that is a very special feeling.

Refresher Allotments.

These allotments are very important to the villagers as they provide the unusual food that the villagers eat. A particular favourite of mine would probably be the 'sweetcumber', because it is gummy bear flavoured and it's outer shell is blackcurrant and apple flavoured jelly.

The flying worm lives here. He makes sure that no other creatures eat or destroy the plants. The allotments also create therapy sessions for the stressed - but can you imagine being stressed here? - and the youngsters.

SugAr Sweet pass.

Sugar Sweet Pass, which has syrup scented water, links Chocolate Drop Lake to Haribo Hill. It runs straight through

Chocolate Drop Lake.

Chocolate Drop Lake is home to many different plants and animals. One that particularly takes my fancy is the Bubblegum Bear, which is full of love and affection. It is also the water source for lots of places, like Haribo Hill, Refresher Allotments... it is also a popular bathing place because it is chocolate flavoured. I decided not to bath here after my sickly experience with Sugar Sweet Pass. But the other reason I came here that apparently - the rocks are biscuit flavoured, and the sand is lemon, strawberry and Vinto Bon-Bon flavoured. Because the island had lots of places I would like to visit so I decided to move on.

Created By
Heather Robinson

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