Yeast Breads by: alyssa tinoco

Flour- structure, liquid- moisture to form gluten, leavening agent- rise, salt- regulates yeast, sugar- food for yeast, fat- tenderness, eggs- binding agent

Mix dough- dissolves yeast in water, Knead dough- develops gluten, Proofing- fermentation takes place and alcohol and carbon dioxide are formed, dough will double in bulk, gives gluten time to make dough rise, Punch Down- releases carbon dioxide, Shape- according to directions, Bench Proofing- Second Rise, Bake- will rise within first few minutes


Created with images by Meditations - "appetite bake baked" • PhotoAtelier - "Still life with Bread Ingredients (minus salt)" • JeepersMedia - "Aunt Jemima Flour" • Brian Smithson (Old Geordie) - "Water" • trenttsd - "Get Maximum Use out of Supplies like Baking Soda and Vinegar (209/365)" • SoraZG - "Salt_B130604" • Moyan_Brenn - "Sugar" • greenmelinda - "Butter" • Gudlyf - "Eggs" • grongar - "Kaiser Rolls - Dough kneaded" • grongar - "Challah - PR - Dough mixed" • joebeone - "Dough proofing" • Crystl - "bake cookies" • jill111 - "valentine's day baking baking cookies"

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