Adobe Design Pathway @ the Micro-Internship Program by Entrepreneurship & Small Business Institute

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the elements and principles of design
  • Apply design principles and understanding to brand strategy
  • Learn Adobe software using LinkedIn Learning
  • Explore the various uses for the Creative Cloud ecosystem for the student-run agency
  • Appraise and share reflections about the growth of their design skills using the Adobe suite over the course of the Program
  • Plan and produce a series of workshops for other students to learn about the Adobe tools


  • Self-directed learning with LinkedIn Learning video instruction
  • Meeting twice a week for show and tell, empathy exercise, critique, and direction


Gamify Learning

Using game wheels, dice rolls, and adventure maps, to spin a narrative and allow for a deeper buy in, through the suspension of disbelief.

A story leads the participant through understanding their client's needs and wants, to develop empathy


Customer Empathy Maps
Brand Style Guide
Brand Logo using Illustrator
Flyer using Photoshop
Brochure using InDesign

Empathy, Strategy, and Voice

  • The "wheel of fate" is spun, and the students are matched with "crazy" entrepreneurs who task them to help them start a brand.
  • Empathy maps created for the ideal buyer.
  • This phase creates a voice to the brand that is created.

Voice to Style

  • Idea boards, color schemes, and font type¬†are created to match a visual style to the voice of this new brand.

Rough Deliverables

  • Discussion on methods, and ways the deliverables tied to the ideal customer
  • Discussion of learning Adobe tools, and new design concepts
  • Feedback, feedback, feedback...

Final Showroom

Apply the feedback and submit one final polished portfolio to their "client"

The Journey so far?

  • One cadre of students completed the program
  • Second cadre of students is currently in session, led by a member of the previous group
  • Next level - implementing Adobe Animation tools is in development by another member of the first cadre


  • Gain professional and technical skills in a newly virtual work environment using Adobe tools and others
  • Work virtually with local small businesses
  • Help small businesses pivot during to be more effective in pandemic environment
  • Create market research, branding, content marketing for websites and social media campaigns
  • Students are paid