Accommodation in Falkenberg The Summer Courses 2020


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Prices from €80-€140/ night. However you can often get a really good deal if you book nearer the time.

B&B:s and Hostels

These are the B&B:s within an area of 10 km from the city. There are many more B&B:s further away. They are usually cheaper than the hotels and you can often get a bus to the city, if you don't have a car or a bike. You can usually find them on Airbnb.

Prices from €50 - €120 /night. Some of them have dorms and shared bedrooms or bathrooms for cheaper prices.


Prices for a place to set up at tent around €35-50/night.


According to the Swedish law "Allemansrätten" you can put up a tent for the night wherever you want (Apart from someone's garden). You don't have to ask for permission from the landowner and it doesn't cost anything. But you have to clean up after yourself and take care of the nature. Swedes do this a lot.


In Falkenberg everybody rent out their basement, garden shed and living room sofa in June and July. It's worth checking many times on Airbnb and Couchsurfing. It's often a good alternative to get together with a couple of other participants and rent a large apartment or house and bring sleeping bags. The houses are normally very spacy, and if it says 4 beds in the ad, it's usually room for the double. If your lucky you can get the whole week for about €80 per person this way.


It's a good idea to rent a bike. You can rent a bike for the week at Skrea Camping