Space LEo, KamyrAn,FREYA,Lily,sHaznae,Brooke

We live on earth. There is land and sea.The earth spins. Earth needs the sun and to Moon survive. The Earh has one moon. Earth is the size of Juiters red spot.

This is a space do you wont to watch it?

The sun is the hotest planet. The Sun is a ball of gas. Jupiter he Bigast planet.Saturn has a ring around it. The ring is made out of ice and water.Earth the same size as Jupiter red spot.

This is a space Game website.


Created with images by WikiImages - "horsehead nebula dark nebula constellation" • tonynetone - "Earth" • WikiImages - "sun fireball solar flare" • Stephen Adrian Hill - "Jupiter_GRS" • chrismeller - "Saturn"

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