Bangladesh Anshul Bandi

Where is Bangladesh ?

Bangladesh ,located in Asia, thats in the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere, but also in the Eastern Hemisphere. Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh, it located 23.8103° N, 90.4125° E,

in his pic you can see what countries border Bangladesh ( India, and Myanmar

Is Bangladesh a Developed Country ?

you can see in what stage the country in the way to developing to developed

It is not because if see its GDP per capita ( 2100) , Life Expectancy ( 70 years), and Literacy rate ( 57%), but a developed country have 30,000$ for GDP per capita, and Life Expectancy is 78 years old, and Literacy Rate of a Developed country is 98% or higher

Bangladesh's Population

Bangladesh's total population is 156 million people, its crowded in these types land that only that have 56,977 mi² ( this is in area ), the population density is 3112 people mi², but the growth rate is 1.30 % a year, this is over the average growth rate of the earth in 2015 and that was 1.185, Bangladesh's fertility rate is 2.18 with the information that was updated in 2014, this a key fact of telling if its developed or developing, developed countries have a fertility rate that is about 2.0, but a developing country has a fertility rate of 2.5 to 3.3, so this means that Bangladesh is a developing country.

The population pyramid of Bangladesh

Population of The Major City's in Bangladesh

The Harbor Of Dhaka

Dhaka is the 1st on the list with a population with 14.54 million. Then comes Chittagong with a population of 2.582 million. 3rd, Khulna with a population of 1.4 million. 4th, Rajshahi 763,952 people. Camilla the last city is 346,238 people.

Are People Leaving Bangladesh or Coming in?

People would think they would be coming in because the population is so high, but actually the population is decreasing by -0.02 or you can take it as 1000 people leaving

What are Some Languages That People In Bangladesh speak and What are The Religions People Pray to?

In Bangladesh there are 6 main languages they speak, Assanese, Bishinpriya, Manipuri, Bengali Proper, Chakma, Chittagonian. Bengali proper is the most well known language of Bangladesh. In Bangladesh 90.2 % of people are Muslim, then 8.5 % are Hindu, 0.9 are Buddhist, 0.3 are Christian, 0.1 are Animists ( the religion of believing in super natural powers and black magic and etc.)

What Kind of Sports to Bengali's Play

They main sport that they play is cricket ( the game goes by having three wickets on each side, the batter kits the red ball and runs to the two bases as long as he can until the ball is hit on the wicket, caught or if he stops)

these are the wickets
the ball
How they hit the ball, and how they are dressed

Bangladesh's Weather

Bangladesh's weather is Wet and Moist ( because of the monsoon seasons), and its in the tropical area. but the Northern part of Bangladesh is in the Temperate Zone so it would have normal seasons and sometimes monsoon seasons.
Bangladesh is in part of Tropical and part Temperate or in this map its called the Subtropics

What are Some Physical Features

This picture is one of the Famous land marks in Bangladesh. the Ganges River, tons of tourist come every year to bath in the holy water ( the belief is if you bath in the water, your ba doings well be treated )
another famous Land Mark is the Bay of Bengal, this is where The Ghaza attack ( when Pakistan tries to attack India's boarder)


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