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December 2019

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  • Grow Groups - start again January 5!
  • Get Connected with Jesus and Our Church Community
  • Online Giving
  • 911 - Is God listening?
  • Featured Link: Virginia Tax Credits Scholarships Program
  • Volunteers Urgently Needed in the SS Children’s Divisions!!
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Photos ...

  • The View from Vienna Adventist Academy (VAA): VAA Bell Choir of 7 and 8 Grade Students Play Abide In Me and Fairest Lord Jesus
  • Women’s Ministries Collects Donations for Homeless Women
  • Honoring our Veterans
  • Vienna Stars Pathfinder Induction

Pastor's Message

Pastor CJ Cousins

“Now the birth of Jesus Christ was as follows: After His mother Mary was betrothed to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with child of the Holy Spirit. Then Joseph her husband, being a just man, and not wanting to make her a public example, was minded to put her away secretly. But while he thought about these things, behold, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream, saying,

“Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to take to you Mary your wife, for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit.”— Matthew 1:18-20

After reading that, I’m honestly feeling bad for Joseph. The Bible calls him a just man. He is a good guy trying to do the right thing. He is betrothed or engaged to Mary. According to the custom of the day, they are already considered husband and wife, but they are not to have sex during the first year of engagement. Once the year was up then they could move in together and consummate the marriage. However, Mary is showing! She’s pregnant! Then she has got the nerve to say the Baby is of the Holy Spirit! Who was going to believe that. This was scandalous! As a matter of fact, according to their law, Joseph was within his right to publicly stone her. The situation looked impossible! You see, the unexpected arrival of Jesus to this earth is an announcement that…


This is what Mary had already discovered in the announcement given to her by Gabriel. When she questioned the impossibility for a virgin to have a baby, Gabriel responded to her in Luke 1:37 "…with God nothing will be impossible.” God wants us to trust Him in the midst of impossible situations. The racial tensions are rising in our nation, God says, “fear not, for I am with you.” You’re trying to overcome addictions in your life, God says trust Me. With you it may be impossible, but with Me all things are possible.


Sabbath/December 7

  • 9:15AM Sabbath School
  • 9:30AM Audio/Visual Material due to A/V Team
  • 10:40am Worship Service: Pastor Garry Genser
  • 12:30PM Visitor Luncheon/Member Potluck (Deaconesses)
  • 1:30pm Adventurer & Pathfinder Club Meetings
  • 4:47pm Sunset
  • 6:30pm 5th Annual Candlelight Concert (Sanctuary)


Grow Groups

The Winter Semester of Grow Groups launches January 5th! Here at Vienna we do life together by joining or starting a Grow Group. Gather together weekly or twice a month with people from your church, neighborhood, school, work, etc. So sign up to join one today and experience authentic community from January 5th - March 14th 2020.

Pathfinders' Annual Holiday Food Drive

Our Pathfinders will be running a food drive this year from December 7 to 14. We would like your help in collecting non-perishable food items (i.e. canned foods, oatmeal, etc.). There will be collection bins at the main entrances, where you can drop off food. This year, your contributions will benefit Cornerstones, a nonprofit organization that promotes self-sufficiency by providing support and advocacy for those in need of food, shelter, affordable housing, quality childcare, and other human services.

Seeking Room to Rent

Seeking Room to Rent - A young adult, Malcolm Gholston, is looking for a room to rent. Please give him a call at (205) 470-0343 if you can help or if you know someone who can help.

5th Annual Candlelight Concert

5th Annual Candlelight Concert – Next Saturday, December 7, is our annual celebration of the Christmas season through music with Vienna Adventist Academy, at 6:30pm. Invite your friends! Admission is free and open to all.

Angel Tree

A collection box will be located in Stutler Hall. Please bring all gifts by the 6th of December. Our gift-wrapping party will be Sunday the 8th of December, in the Youth Room, where we will socialize, listen to Christmas music, enjoy refreshments and form delivery teams or gift distribution. The party will be from 1pm to 3pm. If interested, please contact Mark Pelham at 703-859-1373 or email pelhammark@yahoo.com.

Health Ministry

Our church’s health ministry is looking to expand its team! We are looking for anyone who has experience in health care and willing to contribute in planning some ministry projects. Please email Anita Job, if you are interested or have questions, at anitageorgejob@hotmail.com.

Library Request

Monthly funding sponsors wanted for church library to order materials that can be shared, used for small group study/discussions or general consumption by our church family and friends. Please contact Davona Rosa for details, at davonarosa@gmail.com or in person at the church Library.

Foreign Exchange Program

Vienna Adventist Academy will have Korean students arriving in December 2019. They will attend the school from 4 to 8 weeks. VAA is seeking a list of families willing and able to host the students and provide them with transportation during their stay. Each family will get a stipend of $250 per child, per week. If you are interested please let us know how many children you would be willing to host. To express interest or for questions, contact Claudia Bowen at claudia.bowen@viennaadventistacademy.org.

Church Member

Rosemarie Bossert, former longtime attender and still a Vienna member, is struggling to pay for a lifesaving medical procedure. There is a go fund me account through which you can help. Please call pastor Garry if you’d like to help.

New Traffic Pattern

In an effort to reduce the chance of an accident, we are changing the traffic pattern for entering and exiting the church. We are asking everyone to enter from the road that passes the awning (closest to the Vienna SDA Church sign), and exit by the Vienna SDA Academy. Please be mindful that the speed limit is only 5 MPH in the parking lot.

Virginia Tax Credit Scholarship Program

Your contribution to the VA Tax Credit Scholarship Program provides scholarships to financially eligible students, so they can attend Adventist schools. Your donation will give you a VA state tax credit, plus a deduction in federal taxes. You are indeed blessed as you give. To find out how you can contribute, visit potomacef.com.

Get Connected with Jesus and Our Church Community!

We'd love to help you get fully connected to Jesus and His mission to make disciples through our local church. We'd love to get to know you better. Please fill out the form below so that we can better serve you.

Online Giving

Don’t forget you can submit your tithes and offerings on the church’s secure website, Togethernet. The log on the link below and then click on “Give”!!

911 – Is God Listening?

“Call to me and I will answer you” Jer. 33:3

If you would like to request special prayer, please email office@viennasda.org and Vienna’s Prayer Team will pray for your needs. Each request will be treated with confidentiality. Or use the Prayer Text Line – Send your prayer requests to (541) 646-6384. Garden of Prayer – After the worship service, there will be a prayer meeting in the Kindergarten room. Anyone with prayer needs is invited to attend.

Meet Your Prayer Team

(L-R) Heather Pederson, Lisa Hamilton, Karen LaFave, Ellen Morgan, Bob Boardman, Angie Huang, and Rosa Marques.


The Virginia Tax Credits Scholarships Program is a great way to put your donations to work for Virginia’s kids in need—while giving you an exceptional tax incentive. Your actual cost to participate in the Program—after receiving tax benefits—is minimal. You receive a tax credit against your Virginia taxes equal to 65% of the amount of your donation. In addition, if you itemize deductions, 35% of your donation is generally deductible as a charitable donation on both federal and state income taxes.



Let’s say you’re in the 25% federal and 5% state tax bracket, you itemize deductions, and donate $1,000 to the Foundation…

  • You receive a Virginia tax credit of $650
  • Your savings from federal and state deductions are $105



The minimum donation amount is $500; the maximum for individuals and married couples is $125,000. There is no maximum limit for any business entity.

  • Businesses can claim the Education Improvement Scholarships tax credits against Virginia Corporate Income taxes, Bank Franchise Tax, Insurance Premiums License Tax, and Public Service Corporations Tax, as well as personal income taxes via pass-through entities such as S-Corporations, LLCs and Partnerships.
  • The amount of the tax credits may not exceed your tax liability for the year in which the credit is claimed, but tax credits may be carried over for up to five succeeding years.
  • Credit is non-transferable.
  • You can earmark your contributions to support scholarships at specific schools, but not for a specific student.
  • If you have questions or would like more details about the Program, contact Potomac Conference Education Foundation (PCEF) at 540-886-0771 or APPLY NOW!

Volunteers Needed for SS Children’s Divisions:

“Um, Teacher, I didn’t get one of those.” The words of a Primary Sabbath School child who was late, again, and missed out on the day’s craft.

“Can we do it again? I want more of those questions.” The words of another child who loves our Bible quiz game.

Our time with these children in Sabbath School is a special joy and privilege. As teachers, we may come to church tired and stressed from our busy week, but we’re energized and blessed by the interaction with these precious children.

Children love Sabbath School! It’s the part of Sabbath morning specifically designed for them. While the worship service might feel like a boring adult barrier to be endured before lunch, Sabbath School is an active, engaging, and multisensory exploration of God’s Word and learning about who He is.

Do you love kids? Do you love Jesus? Want to connect the two? This is an opportunity for mission right here inside the Vienna Church. Our children’s Sabbath School classes need assistant teachers, and in some cases leaders. Experience is not necessary. The current leaders would love to mentor you.

Cradle Roll (newborn-3) during the past three years has grown from three children to thirteen! This thriving class engages our youngest children with music, stories, and toys. They are blessed with a fully staffed Sabbath School.

Kindergartners (4-6 years old) frequently join the Primary class or return to Cradle Roll due to having only a part-time leader with no assistant. It is hoped this will soon change, but the need for assistants who can lead the program is urgent. Kindergarteners need their own class all the time as they are at a different developmental stage than Primary-age and Cradle Roll-age children.

Primary (7-9 years old) is an energetic, talkative group. They love hands-on learning, quiz games, nature object lessons, a little drama, and anything that gets them up and moving around the room. They are slowly learning the books of the Bible and how to find verses and read them aloud. Memorization of scripture and solid knowledge of the Bible is critical because what they learn at this age, they will never forget. The Primary class would also benefit from another assistant teacher, one who might be willing to become a future leader.

Juniors (10-12) is bursting at the seams. This summer many Primary students reached Junior age and were promoted. At the same time, like in Kindergarten, Earliteen and Teen leaders were not always available. Thus, Juniors become a 10-12+ class and frequently had more than 20 preteens and teens present. This is too much for one teacher, not to mention the difficulty of fitting into the room. Juniors enjoy food, contemporary music, and are in the progress of a deep discussion and study of the Gospel of John. Their lone teacher is urgently in need of an assistant.

Earliteens (13-14) struggle with attendance and this is concerning because, as our children enter their teen years, we hope and pray they are choosing Jesus and choosing to stay in church. The Earliteen class is an opportunity for our young people to have their own spiritual community within the church, to have a voice, and to be encouraged to participate in the life of the church. If we lose our young people at this age, we may lose them forever. The current leaders would welcome assistance in creating a spiritually nurturing and socially engaging Sabbath School experience.

So, what kind of person makes a good Sabbath School teacher? Someone who…

  • Is present – dependable, on time, consistent, and good at listening to children.
  • Demonstrates Jesus’s love in tangible ways children understand.
  • Engages children appropriately through all their senses.
  • Makes learning fun with age-appropriate lessons.
  • Creates an inviting environment, aesthetically and socially.
  • And most of all, opens the Bible with the children.

If you feel God calling you to the great joy of working with children or teens in one of these Sabbath School divisions, please talk to the following people about open opportunities:

  • Pastor CJ
  • Lemuel Peters
  • Mike Onoffrey
  • Sabrina Riley
  • Dominique Rodriguez-Sawyer
  • Emily Rosa

If you have need for volunteers or you would like to volunteer, please contact the church office at office@viennasda.org

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The View from Vienna Adventist Academy (VAA): VAA Bell Choir of 7 and 8 Grade Students Play Abide In Me and Fairest Lord Jesus

Women’s Ministries Collects for Homeless Women

(L-R) Heather Pederson, Dee Collins, and Lisa Hamilton

Honoring our Veterans with American Flag Pins

Vienna Stars Pathfinder Induction