Pros of Social Distancing By katie Holt

For the past few weeks, social distancing measures have been in place across the country, leading to the closure of schools and businesses. This has prohibited people from seeing anyone other than their immediate family. Although social distancing is in place to keep the country healthy and prevent the spread of COVID-19, many people have come to hate this safety measure. Social distancing, however awful one may perceive it to be, has its benefits.

The obvious benefit would be preventing the spread of COVID-19. By staying six feet apart from others and avoiding gatherings larger than ten, it will be harder to give or contract the virus. By continuing to do so, the virus could cease its spread, thus social distancing will end. If you practice social distancing now, you won’t have to practice it in the future.

Another less spoken about benefit for being in quarantine is it’s the perfect time to catch up on the TV shows, books, and movies you’ve been meaning to watch for months. Yes, we still have to go to school and we still have homework, but it’s not as time consuming as it once was. Finally, you’ll have the extra time to watch and read the things you've always wished you had time for.

Quarantine is also a time where you can develop some great habits. Maybe you start working out more, or you perfect your skin-care routine. Since you’re staying home every day, you can develop the habit day in and day out.

Finally, family time is a major pro of social distancing. Some families have been reunited because of COVID-19, especially with college students coming home. Now’s the time you can appreciate your family by spending time with them. Maybe you have family dinner more often, or you have family game night more often. For us seniors, this is valuable time you have with your family before you have to leave for college or the real world, so use it!

All in all, social distancing can be dreadful, if you look at the glass half empty. But, you can see there is a brighter side of practicing social distancing. Stay safe, healthy, and most importantly, stay home!


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