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In 2021 we are again connecting with wonder, living life with all its potentials every moment. In trust and unity, in heart and soul.

We are celebrating “21 Days of Conscious Living”. Establishing direct communication from our heart and the world, we are presenting the change we want to grow in our lives.

Join us these 21 days. We will unite with different communities and practices, realizing, sharing, and celebrating the oneness we dance with as friends.

…”Whakarongo rā - I listen there”... A bird sings “Tui, tui, tuituia”, “Bind, Join, be united as one”*. We answer that call….

* from a Maori poem

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Sacred Music Day / Alexandre Gustave / 19 June

Alexandre Gustave songs are inspired by an ancient wisdom that modern science is now acknowledging: All Living is sharing in an unknowable Oneness in which everything is connected, and everything resonates with everything else. In this concert we will experience how music can inspire us into living a life of well-being, meaning, and of joy.

transformation Day / Yoginâm / 20 June

Yoginâm does not speak or teach with words, since Yoginâm communicates on a different level with the sound of the Harp. Sound touches Soul, without the interference of Mind. HarpMood magnifies and transforms your detrimental habitual programmes of perception and opens you gradually to the state of being where all descriptions of experiences fail.

Meditation and Sacred Mantra Day / Snatam Kaur and Sopurkh Singh / 23 June

Possessed of an incandescently luminous voice and a deep knowledge of Kundalini yoga, Snatam Kaur and Sopurkh Singh are leading a mantra and meditation class, a joyous occasion and a source of solace for our troubled times.

Yoga Day / Madhana Agulla / 25 June

Madhana is a founder of the International Yoga Sananda and the International Association of Yoga Teachers (IAYT). He has studied at the Mysore University with Professor Ramachandra. He will guide us into a journey to the true essence of Yoga. “Yoga allows us to unveil the mysteries of the mind, transforming it into a state of peace, clearance and harmony"


There is currently a new sexual awakening revolution in the world as we finally return to our being. Sexual energy is the strongest energy on earth and it’s not just about sex, it’s about experiencing the orgasm of life itself!

Sacred Sexuality Day 2 / Maya Vassalo / 4 September

Heart. Soul. Body. The Moon. The Sun. Art. Beauty. Pleasure. Magic. Ritual. Mysteries. A journey into a sacred fusion, guided by Maya Vassalo, founder of the Goddess Temple of Rome, to which she dedicates her life, serving "Her" as Priestess of the Sea and Priestess of Aphrodite and Sacred Sexuality”

Heart Day / Maria Arboleda / 29 September

We all, as Human beings, are starting to re-open our heart. Through the heart, we keep our connection with Mother Earth and Nature. Our memory of living with the heart is within our soul, we just need to remember how to recover the space of heart coherence. The heart is the sacred door to the Earth and the Earth is the sacred door to the heart.

Heart Healing Day / 30 September

Begin to see life through eyes of love. Open your heart fully to the energy of love that’s patiently waiting to radiate across the world, through yourself, others, and the wider world. Love is our natural state of being.

Awakening-at-all-ages day / 1 October

Everyone is trying to look for ways to experience life to the fullest. From early childhood to elderly age we have this desire to awaken to our true self. Awaken into feeling, sensing, and experiencing everything around us through our own uniqueness.

The book of Nâm / Leon Alexandre / Hubertus Bahorie / 2 October

Absorbing the Book of Nâm engenders a transformation towards a better life. A life in which both happiness and adversity acquire different meanings and with the ordinary situations and circumstances of daily life, a state of unconditional Well-Being can be created.


Architecture is something deeply connected to humankind and our existence on Earth. Through this interview we will reveal the power of architecture, how we as humans can perceive and connect to architecture, and how it has the potential to change our perception of ourself and the world.

Drop of Memory / Alexander Fridman / 31 October

A vivid, descriptive, and detailed story of death in the previous incarnation. Transition to the space beyond incarnations, preparation for the current incarnation on earth, the choice of terms and details of the forthcoming life, and labor and memories from infancy.

Poetry Day / 18 December

Putting ink to page and voice to silence is a journey into language. In essence, poetry is felt. Holding unknown in breath, letting go to life, poetry is said to be the language of mystery. Celebrate in listening.

GIVIN SCHOOL DAY / 23 December

As the school was formed on the 23rd of December 2014, the energy that is exchanged is very powerful for this time of year. For everyone who is on the path to discover their true self, celebrate our 7th Birthday in unity and heart warmth with us! :)

Party Day / 31 December

Let's all join together on this special celebration day! We celebrate our heart, soul, and divine creation in a day of joy, connection, and unity with a party full of surprises! So come and live it with us!!!

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Feel yourself through dance and music and dive into the depth of the present moment. Let go of mind worries and fuss immersing into the freedom of movement. Being here and now is such a natural state for us. Fall into dancing, it's pure joy!


Laughter therapy is an easy, natural and fun way of liberating our whole being on all levels. We invite you to discover a completely new and unknown type of laughter coming from the depth of your nature and awakening consciousness. Anna and Natalia will gladly guide you through blissful laughter.


A day dedicated to exhaling gratitude for the full breath that came to us every day from the most beautiful creation - the tree. Forest bathing (shinrin-yoku) is a mindful way to spend time in the woods and reconnect with lost, intuitive parts of ourselves.


We strive towards human evolution in all areas of life. Today we set the goal to the awakening of the human consciousness. This means to realize your own true nature, as the source of light and start living from the heart, becoming aware to the illusions of the mind.


With gratitude and loving kindness, Saraswati offers a heart-centered, transformative, healing yoga therapy combined with her own style of effortless meditation ~delicious HypnoBliss™ Nidra Meditation! Weaving together modern science and the ancient wisdom of Yoga Therapy, discover your innate ability to heal from within!


An invitation with an open heart to children (aged 8 to 16) to join with their laughter and smiles in the 1st week of June for creative doodling, strength with yoga, dance for energy and much more. It’s time to have fun and make some noise.


Today is our chance to celebrate the oceans of the world. The oceans contain tremendous amounts of life and richness beyond comprehension. Let’s express how precious it is.


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