MY Hero lino ivan moreno salinas

My hero’s full name is Lino Ivan Moreno Salinas. He is 28 years old .He is my brother. He is the 2nd oldest out of 6 children. He is currently working at John Adams. He is in Trade Tech getting his bachelors. He is studying Sociology and by next semester he will transfer to Cal State . He is from Guerrero,Mexico. I interviewed him because I wanted to know about his past. I wanted to know more about his life. I wanted to ask questions about his past and now I have that opportunity.

Some of the obstacles that he had to overcome is being with a single mother. It was tough for him because my mom would constantly be working everyday and he had to do adult things at a young age.For example, he had to walk home,feed,and defend himself since elementary. He had to defend himself because he used to live in the bad neighborhood. Another, obstacle that he had to overcome is falling behind in school. This was harsh for him because my family would constantly be moving from apartment to apartment. Also, he was moving school to school. .He really had to work hard in school.

Some of the accomplishments that Lino achieved was graduating high school and finishing up college.Graduating high school was a big achievement because school wasn’t easy for him. He would have trouble doing work because the only language he knew at the time was spanish. He just didn’t have the motivation to keep going but he got it together and walk the stage. Another accomplishment that he achieved is finishing college. This was a big achievement too because was soon he graduated from high school he began to work. Later on I just became a privilege. Now he is getting his bachelor’s and he is currently studying sociology.

He has a positive influence in my life because he motivates me. He is an amazing brother that I have. He is a great person to talk and to have in my life. He would tell me stories about his life and he would tell that don’t do the mistakes that he did at my age. Also, he would give me tips about what I need to prepare as an adult. I hardly ever get mad at him because we have a really good relationship.I learned some things about him. Some of the things that I learned about him was that he wanted to be a computer scientist. I didn’t know that he was into computers when he was my age. I didn’t know that when he started going to school he hated it so much. I was a struggle for him. Also, he didn’t know how to speak proper english until he was 10 but it wasn’t that good. It was tough for him in the beginning and now he is successful.


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