US in 360° December 1- 28, 2016

Our 28-day Chronicles of our US Adventures throughout San Francisco, New York, Washington, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas

San Francisco

San Francisco has been one of the memorable places that we've visited because of the friendliness of the people here.

Sanfo will not be so much fun without Uncle Harry and Auntie Gloria. We love you for showing us around Sanfo ❤

New York

My 1st impression of New York is it's a very busy place and everyone is on the fast track. The city is in constant movement and everyone is on the go. Snowing at NYC is such a great experience.

NYC will not be complete without Achi Candice! Thank you for the treat at Benjamin's and Madangsui!


We made a quick tour in Washington with President Abraham Lincoln

Los Angeles

Visited Hollywood Blvd, The Getty Musem, Universal Studios, and Disneyland

LA will not be complete without Ahya Bert's presence. Thank you so much for taking the time to tour with us! ☺☺☺

Las Vegas

A weekend getaway to Las Vegas is an awesome experience to appreciate the architectural structures of the magnificent hotels and its Christmas decorations.

This trip will not be possible without my super awesome family. Cheers to more adventures! 🥃🍷🍹🍸🍾

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