Getting to know me chloey davis

what is the ideal dream job for you? My ideal dream job is a registered nurse. I want to be this because I like helping people.
Are you a morning or a night person? I am a night person. I'm not a happy person in the morning.
What are your favorite hobbies? My favorite hobbies are watching netflix, cheerleading and lauing. I laugh the most out of these.
What are your pet peevesor interesting things that you dont like? my only pet peev is smacking. its the most annoying sound ever.
What's the weirdest food you've ever eaten? The weirdest food ive ever eaten is spagetti squash. It was nasty.
Name one of the favorite things about someone in your family? My little sister has really pretty blue eyes. She is pretty.
Tell us a unique or quirky habit of yours. I talk ALOT!
if you had to describe yourself using 3 words, they would be... happy, loud and friendly.

if someone made a movie of your life what would it be? it would be a comedy


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