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  • When Adolf Hitler was a young boy,he had an aggressive and short tempered father ,Alios,who would often take it out on the young boy
  • With his abusive father,he also had his sweet,loving mother ,Klara,who would often take Hitler's side when Alios had an outburst at him.
  • He had four siblings,a little brother,Edmund,a little sister,Paula,a big brother,Alios jr.,and a big sister,Angela.
  • Sadly,Edmund died at the age of six of measles.This was the first time Hitler,a child who loved warfare,experienced death.
  • A little while after,his mother died of breast cancer,which fueled his hatred of Jews,because her docter was Jewish.
  • He was shy and introverted in school and did not get along with other kids well and did failed French
  • He was scrawny and short and always mad.
  • When his mother died, he moved to Linz,Austia,which is where he spent most of his childhood.
  • Even though he may have said he was pure-blood German,he was actually born in Braunau am inn,Austria.
  • Despite his main focus being conquering Germany,he also was a artist/painter.
  • He mainly drew landscapes such as buildings and mountains, but he also drew a picture of his mother on her deathbed.
  • He was denied from The Academy of Fine Arts because they wanted someone who could do more than just landscape art.
  • When he died,they put his paintings up for auction but ended up being withdrawn.
  • He dropped painting when WW2 broke out.
  • When Hitler was in WW1,he was injured by an enemy bomb shell
  • He was an army political agent.
  • He fought in the First Battle of Ypres.
  • When he was starting out in as the German leader,he wanted people to regard him as a "war hero with an iron cross".
  • He was had an inadequate physical vigour when WW1 broke out.
  • He became a member of DAP when WW1 started,which he changed to the Nazis party.
  • He started the Nazis party in 1914.
  • This party was Fascist and anti Marxist and anti semitite.
  • Hitler used a lot of persuasive and brainwashing tactics to make Germans believe they were superior and Jews were insignificant.
  • By the end of WW2,the Nazis party killed 11 million people.
  • Hitler took over the Nazis party,which was formerly the DAP,after Hidenburg's death.
  • Hitler wanted people to call him Fuhrer.
  • The beer hall took place in Munich,Putsch in 1923.
  • This is where Hitler marched and tried to capture the capitol.
  • He was thrown in jail and this is where he gained publicity and wrote "Mein Kampf".
  • Mein Kampf is about Hitlers beliefs and struggles,which Mein Kampf actually translates to is "My Struggles".
  • People did criticize his actions and there was a newspaper article that said,"Adolf Hitler,is he a traitor?"
  • The Nazis and Hitler invaded Poland in 1939.
  • When the Nazis invaded Poland,this was the start of WW2.
  • This caught the attention of Great Britain and France,and the USSR,who would soon become the Allied powers.
  • Hitler invaded Poland to extend the German empire.
  • The allied powers got involved because Hitler disobeyed the Treaty of Versailles.
  • This was the time of the Holocaust where 11 million people,including 6 million Jews,were killed.
  • Hitler thought that Jews were not real Germans.
  • Hitler burned down Reichstag.
  • Hitler had a girlfriend,named Eva Braun.
  • He married her 24 hours before committing suicide.
  • He also had a dog named Honey.
  • Hitler had another girlfriend before EvaBraun,named Stefanie Rabatsch,he talked about her in a book about his childhood.
  • It is believed Hilter had a secret son,Jean-Marie Loret,with Charlotte Lobjoie.
  • Hitler was 56 and Eva was 33.
  • Hitler committed suicide on April 30,1945.
  • He poisoned himself by shooting himself in the side of his head.
  • He poisoned his wife,Eva Braun,with cyanide.
  • He tested the cyanide on his beloved dog,Honey.
  • He committed suicide because the Russians were coming to invade.
  • He killed Eva because he didn't want her to be captured by the Russians.
  • They committed suicide in an underground bunker.
  • They died in Berlin,Germany.
  • They died at the end of World War 2.
  • The food and drink that Eva ate was laced with the cyanide.

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