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  1. Education
  2. Teaching experience
  3. Other experience
  4. Committee work
  5. Publications and presentations
  6. Honors and awards
  7. Certifications


Doctor of Philosophy - Mass Communication - Syracuse University, 1997

Master of Science - Television, Radio and Film - Syracuse University, 1990

Bachelor of Arts - Communication Studies - Oberlin College, 1986 with Honors

Teaching Experience

Ashford University Denver, CO 2013-Present

Professor and Program Chair of Communication Studies

Ashford University is a large online university. The Communication Studies program is part of the Communication Arts department in the College of Liberal Arts. Course load is 8 courses per year, in a rolling calendar system.

Courses taught include

  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Communication Theory
  • Persuasion and Argumentation
  • Communication Studies Capstone
  • Media Writing for Communication
  • Oral Communication

Capital University Bexley, OH 2011-2012

Faculty-in-Residence for Electronic Media/Film and Communication

Capital University is a medium-sized (2800 student) Lutheran church-affiliated liberal arts college in central Ohio. The department of Communication is a multidisciplinary department combining communication studies, media studies, film, public relations, theater and speech. Course load is 4-4, in a semester system.

Courses taught include

  • Mass Media and Society
  • Video Production
  • Advanced Video Production
  • Electronic Media Management
  • Broadcast Announcing
  • Oral Communication

La Sierra University Riverside, CA 2003-2006; 2007-2011

Assistant Professor of English and Communication

La Sierra University is a small (1800 student) Seventh Day Adventist church-affiliated liberal arts college in southern California. The department of English and Communication is a multidisciplinary department combining media studies, theater and English. Course load is 3-2-3, in a quarter system.

Courses taught include

  • Mass Communication
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Screenwriting
  • Acting for the Camera
  • Social Rhetoric
  • Film and Culture
  • Public Speaking

Donghua University Shanghai, China 2006-2007

Associate Professor of Mass Media

Participated in a visiting scholar program at Donghua University in Shanghai China, a large University with multiple schools and programs. Taught Mass Media and English conversation courses and prepared and delivered University lectures on media and cultural topics.

Austin College Sherman, TX 1994-2001

Assistant Professor of Communication Arts

Austin College is a small (1200 student) Presbyterian church-affiliated liberal arts college in north Texas, north of Dallas. Six years teaching full-time in department of Communication Arts, a multidisciplinary department combining media studies, the- ater and speech. Course load is 3-1-3, with three courses in the fall and spring semester, as well as a January intersession course.

Courses taught include

  • Mass Communication
  • Persuasion
  • Screenwriting
  • Video Lab I, II and III
  • Media and Popular Culture of Japan (taught in Japan)
  • Acting for the Camera
  • Critical Perspectives on Popular Culture
  • Media, Society and Culture
  • Visual Communication
  • Web Publishing
  • Computer-mediated Communication
  • New Media and Public Policy
  • The Great Film Directors
  • Interactive Media Design and Development
  • Writing for the Media

Stanley Kaplan Syracuse, NY 1990-1993


Stanley Kaplan offers a variety of test preparation courses. Three years teaching evening SAT, GRE and GMAT preparation courses.

Syracuse University Syracuse, NY 1989-1993

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Adjunct Faculty

Syracuse University is a very large school in the Big East Conference. Two years as a graduate teaching assistant followed by two years teaching part-time in the S. I. Newhouse School of Public Communications of Syracuse University as adjunct faculty member. It is very unusual for a doctoral students to be invited to teach graduate level courses at Newhouse. It is also unusual for a teaching assistant to be given responsibility for one lecture a week in a thrice weekly course.

Courses taught

  • Media Theory (Graduate course)
  • New Communication Technologies (Graduate course)
  • Mass Communication (Lecturer and Teaching Assistant)

Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program Mito, Japan 1987-1988

Assistant English Teacher

Taught English in public junior high school in Japan during charter year of the Japan Exchange and teaching program. Also taught seminars for public school English teachers. Worked in over 40 schools across a wide range of situations.

Other Experience

  • Assorted Freelance Projects, Various Locations, 2001-Present Various projects including television series proposals and pilots, radio and television advertisements, websites and print materials.
  • Columbus International Film Festival, Columbus, OH 2012 Juror for major international film festival based in Columbus, Ohio.
  • EcoSummit 2012 Film Festival, Columbus, OH 2011 Participated in planning and implementation of green/sustainability-themed film festival in conjunction with EcoSummit 2012, an international conference to be held in Columbus, Ohio in October 2012.
  • Raghee.com, Canoga Park, CA 2005-2009 Raghee.com is an investment training company specializing in foreign exchange trading. As Director of Print Communication, designed and developed monthly newsletter and other publications.
  • New Concept Education, Canoga Park, CA 2004-2009 New Concept Education is an educational software company specializing in language learning products. As a Member of the Board of Directors and Director of Communication, developed marketing, promotional and training products.
  • Secret Passages, The History Channel and Jaffe Productions 2001-2002 Worked on the second season of the History Channel program “Secret Passages” as Senior Researcher and an Associate Segment Producer
  • Sherman Musical Arts, Sherman, TX 1998-2001 Sherman Musical Arts is a funding and advisory body supporting fine arts, especially music and music education. As a Member of the Board of Directors and Director of Communication, developed websites and graphic identity elements.

Committee Work

Ashford University, Denver, CO 2013-Present

  • Honors College Faculty Mentors
  • Faculty Welfare Committee
  • Student Success and Retention Committee, College of Liberal Arts
  • Student Community Standards Committee
  • Marketing and Outreach Committee (Chair)

La Sierra University, Riverside, CA 2003-2011

  • Library Search Committee Faculty
  • Senate (Alternate)
  • Building and Grounds Committee
  • “Black Gold” Committee
  • Web Design Standards Committee
  • English and Communication Faculty
  • University Studies Faculty
  • University Honors Faculty
  • Humanities Faculty
  • Director of Student Internships, English and Communication Department

Austin College, Sherman, TX 1994-2001

  • Academic Computing Advisory Committee
  • Communication Arts Advisory Committee
  • Psychology/Sociology Advisory Committee
  • Contemporary Policy Studies Advisory Committee
  • Faculty Sponsor: AC Broadcasting Club, SOMA, ECOS, Japanese Club, Back Issue Web Magazine

Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY 1988-1993

  • Doctoral Student Association: Secretary 1990-1991, Vice President 1991-1992, President 1992-1993
  • Faculty Tenure and Promotions Committee Graduate Student Representative 1991-1992
  • John Ben Snow Chair Search Committee Graduate Student Representative 1992-1993

Publications and Presentations

  • “Flipping the Classroom in a New Direction." Presented at TLC 2018, Online conference, November 2018. Developing, implementing and sharing a faculty support and development course for online instructors
  • “Online Faculty in Their Natural Habitat: Connecting in the LMS.” Presented at COLTT 2018, Boulder, Colorado, August 2018. Leveraging the student learning management system for faculty support and development.
  • “Spark and Clips: Two free tools for creating great content.” Spotlight session at TLC 2017, Online conference, November 2017. Provided introductory training in using Adobe Spark and Apple Clips to create polished content for classroom use.
  • “You are the talent! A workshop.” Presented at COLTT 2017, Boulder, Colorado, August 2017. Invited expansion of prior year’s presentation in the form of an extended workshop.
  • “New Traditions in Public Speaking.” Introductory Public Speaking textbook. Bridgepoint Education, 2017. An introductory Public Speaking textbook.
  • “Slate and Voice your guidance.” Spotlight session at TLC 2016, Online conference, November 2016. Presented two tools, Adobe Slate and Voice (now Adobe Spark Page and Spark Video), as tools for creating high-quality classroom materials quickly and easily.
  • “You are the talent!” Presented at COLTT 2016, Boulder, Colorado, August 2016. A review of skills and technologies needed to act as one’s own “talent” in instructional content.
  • “Messages in Context: An Introduction to Human Communication,” Introductory Communication textbook with co-author Michael Fairley. Bridgepoint Education, 2015. An introductory Communication textbook.
  • “Introducing Teachnology Today.” Spotlight session at TLC 2015, Online conference, November 2015. Introduced a website for teachers to share content across levels of education and subject-matter areas.
  • “Bridging the F2F Gap in Online Instruction: A Case Study in Integrating Video Sharing-based Presentations in Speech, Journalism and Language Classes,” presented at COLTT 2015, Boulder, Colorado, August 2015. With co-presenter Mingzhen Bao. A case study of the integration of YouSeeU technology for video-based presentations and other similar assignments in three courses offered by Ashford University.
  • “WIKIs, Whiteboards and Whatnot: Using Technology to Build Community in the Classroom,” presented at COLTT 2014, Boulder, Colorado, August 2014. With co-presenters Paula Battistelli and Lorna Wheeler. An overview of creative use of technology to create a sense of community in the classroom setting, with an emphasis on on- line classrooms.
  • “Black Gold, Year Two,” presented at CUE/TechEd 2011, Palm Springs, California, March 2011. A review of phase II of the “Black Gold” project, which emphasizes the integration of iPhones and iPod Touches into academics at La Sierra University.
  • "Sanshiro Sugata," published on Popmatters.com. Late 2010. A short article on the films “Sanshiro Sugata” and “Sanshiro Sugata II” by Akira Kurosawa. Popmatters.com is a refereed Web site with over a million regular readers.
  • "A Song through the Snow," published on Popmatters.com. Late 2010. A short article on the film “Ikiru” by Akira Kurosawa. Popmatters.com is a refereed Web site with over a million regular readers.
  • "The Hidden Fortress," published on Popmatters.com. Late 2010. A short article on the film “The Hidden Fortress” by Akira Kurosawa. Popmatters.com is a refereed Web site with over a mil- lion regular readers.
  • "A Bridge across the Years," published on Popmatters.com. Late 2010. A short article on the film “Rhapsody in August” by Akira Kurosawa. Popmatters.com is a refereed Web site with over a mil- lion regular readers.
  • “Black Gold at La Sierra University,” presented at TechEd 2010, Pasadena, California, April 2010. Co-presented with Yami Bazan and Elvin Rodriguez. Proposed and designed 60-minute presentation on the development and implementation of the “Black Gold” project at La Sierra University, in which each First Year student received his or her choice of a iPhone or iPod Touch, which were integrated into student life in the first year of the project, with a goal of academic integration in year two.
  • Eichwald Family Archive, presented to the Jewish Museum, Berlin, Germany, July 2009. Catalogued, organized and delivered an archive of historical family documents and artifacts to the Jewish Museum of Berlin for the purpose of creating an Eichwald Family Archive.
  • "Teaching WordPress within a Writing Curriculum," presented at TechEd 2009, Ontario, California, April 2009. Presented 90-minute workshop on integrating blogging into a writing curriculum, including a technical session on setting up WordPress in various configurations.
  • Book Chapter, In "Religion, Law, and Freedom: A Global Perspective," Thierstein, J. and Kamalipour, Y. R., Eds. Praeger Publishers. Westport, Conn. 2000. Contributed a chapter on Japan on the book topic of the interplay of law and religion and their impact on communication free- dom.
  • "Devil May Care," Videoplay, 1999 Wrote, produced and directed a 70-minute videoplay as a scheduled production of the Theater Program.
  • "Assessing the Risks of Virtual Reality," Communication and Technology Division, International Communication Association Annual Meeting, 1999 The term “virtual reality” has been used widely to describe a widely varying range of products. This article explores the risks associated with virtual reality, and possible remedies. Based on findings in my dissertation. Presented at 1999 ICA Confer- ence, San Francisco, California.
  • "Virtual Reality as a Mass or Massive Medium" (Dissertation), Submitted as part of the requirements for the Ph.D. degree at Syracuse University, 1997. This dissertation examined virtual reality in terms of the mass communication paradigm. It also proposed that most current media do not fit the traditional one-to-many mass media model, and are better described by a new multi-participant, interactive “massive media” model.
  • "A Comparative Study of Free Information Retrievals and a Suggested Sensible Approach to the Internet by Adopting a Specific Search Topic 'Apoptosis'," Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science Vol 30, Issue 3, 1996 This article assessed the efficacy of various “search engines” for locating information about topics too new to be in print publications. Coauthored with Eiichi Akaho, Kobe Gakuin University.
  • "Towards a New Model of Multimedia," Poster session for the International Communication Association Annual Meeting, 1992 This paper proposed three dimensions of multimedia (interactivity, mode of interaction and type of database) allowing any multimedia product to be described by a point within a cube.

Honors and Awards

  • Invited Guest Lecturer, Donghua University, Shanghai, China.  Presented three lectures in the field of Communication, March 2006, May 2007.
  • Invited Guest Lecturer, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai, China. Presented a lecture in the field of Communication, March 2006.
  • Stephen H. Coltrin Award for Excellence in Communication Education Awarded by the International Radio and Television Society, February, 2000.
  • University Fellow, Syracuse University 1988, 1990.
  • Prefectural Medal of Honor, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan in recognition of outstanding service to regional English education, 1988
  • Oberlin College Graduated with honors, 1986.
  • Philo Farnsworth Award “NASA Facts” Best Educational Program - 1985, Midwest Region.


Certified Hypnotherapist, Hypnosis Motivation Institute, Tarzana, CA

Neurolinguistic Programming Master Practitioner, NLP TransWorld, Tarzana, CA

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