Addison Mccl. Lake

Definition of Lake is - a body of salt or fresh water.

My landform is a Lake. I choose 3 Great Lakes. I they are Lake Michigan , Lake Erie,Lake Hurron.

Lake Michigan is 307 Miles long .And Lake Erie is 241.1 miles long.Lake Hurron is 206.3 miles long.

Lake Michigan

The location of Lake Michigan is in Michigan and a little bit in Wisconsin.Lake Erie is in a little bit in New York, Pennsylvania,and in Ohio,it also shares a border with Canada. Lake Hurron is in Michigan and in Canada.

Did you know Lake Michigan is the only Great Lake all the way in America ,it does not share a border with Canada.

The Great Lakes are called the Great Lakes because It is the largest body of salt water in America.

The Great Lakes cover many different states.

The largest Great Lake is Lake Superior

This is lake Hurron

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