The Adventure's Of Sam The Droplet Water CYcle stOry by charlie burkEvics

Soil surface

I began my incredible journey in the soil as a little droplet. My name is Sam and I lost my family a couple years ago. I've been stuck in the soil for 100 years but one day that all changed.

Soil surface

"Hey Tom," said Sam. "Yes," replied Tom. When do you think we are getting out of here? " asked Sam. "I don't really know , but I think I see something woah, woah...aaaaaah!!" Tom answered as he splashed into the water.

Ground water

"I think I fell into ground water," explained Tom. "Really? I'm jumping down!" yelled Sam, as he splashed into the water. "Woah, this place is cool! I could stay here for a long time. Hey, who's over there? It looks like another droplet , let's go talk to him! Hey! What's your name?" quizzed Sam. "My name is Brandon, what's your name?" asked Brandon. "My name is Sam and this is my friend Tom, do you want to be our friend?" requested Sam. "Sure!" Brandon replied.

Ground water

"I'm starting to not like this ground water place, it's getting boring!" exclaimed Sam. "Yeah, we have been stuck here for 100 years!" whined Tom. "Hey there's a tunnel over there, I'm going in it! Woah! Guys check this out!" yelled Brandon. "Whoa it's a runoff to a lake!" exclaimed Sam.


"This is the best place ever!" shouted Sam. "Don't get too exited because I've heard rumors that when you are in a lake you can go into evaporation and go flying into the air. Infact, I think that is what is happening to us right now!" yelled Tom. "Woah! It's so bright up here and blue!" Sam shouted.

Precipitation is rain that falls in all different forms such as snow,sleet and hail.

"Wow! It's so beautiful, what are those white fluffy things?" asked Sam. "Those are clouds."Tom explains. "Woah, there are so many droplets we must be condensing into a cloud"yelled Brandon. "It's getting heavier and now we are precipitating .... aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!" screamed Sam.


Splash! "We are back in the lake and there are a lot of droplets around us. Wait! Those droplets look familiar ... Mom? Dad? Is that you?" inquired Sam. "Sam, we finally found you! We have been all over the world looking for you and now we found you!" Sam's parent's said excitedly. "This place is amazing, it's as blue as the sky! exclaimed Sam.

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