Common Exhibit #3 Retrieval practice self study

The three options that I have selected for this exhibit are: Quizlet, Flash Cards, and Self Testing. I will use quizlet for my accounting test, first by creating my own quizlet with the material I need to know, and then studying it for an hour each day leading up to the test, starting a week before the test. I will create a self test for my management test by thinking of questions I think could be used on the test based on my prior knowledge and study it 1 hour each day leading up to the test as well. And finally, I am going to put the formulas on flashcards for my math quiz and study them for a few hours starting a few days before the quiz day.

Using quizlet:

I couldn't find a picture of myself actually using quizlet, but this is a picture of one of my favorite spots to study on campus. I studied my quizlets for an accounting test in this exact spot.
Finally, a picture of a quizlet I studied. This is one of the quizlets I made that helped me work my way to an 87!

Update on using these three methods: I have found the other two methods very hard to use for two reasons:

1: They are both really boring to make and I find myself getting distracted by literally anything and everything.

2: They do not seem to be helping me retrieve any of the material as easy as quizlet is helping, so I think I'm going to stick to making and studying my own quizlets.

Report after test: Awesome news! I made an 87 on my first accounting test after making and studying my own quizlets! These proved to be extremely helpful especially since I have already dropped this class in a previous semester. The quizlets make studying more fun and are easy to read and navigate through, which obviously led to me having a high grade! I made a 77 on my first management test and self testing, which isn't terrible, but I think I could have done better. For my math quiz I made a 100, and I'm not quite sure how much the flashcards really helped considering I had already almost memorized them before studying them again.

Reflection: I think that out of all the techniques that I used, the quizlets definitely worked best for me. I definitely can see an improvement in my grade even though this was only the first test considering I made such bad grades in the same class last semester that I had to drop the class. My confidence going into this test definitely was up pretty high considering how well I knew the material, which I think resulted in me scoring a pretty high grade. Like I stated earlier, the technique that worked for me the best was the Quizlet method, the other two were very boring and I felt like they did not help me at all. I will definitely be using quizlet in the future to help me on all of my tests after seeing the results that came from this accounting test. As for the other two methods, I don't see myself using them too often in the future.


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