Sky Rise Vex iq Challenge

Rules of the game

The point of this game is to have your bot pick up your blocks and place them on the tower. The person who places the most blocks on in the end wins.

This is the base of the bot that we will be using.
If I block is placed on the top row, your team gains 5 points. 2nd row your team gains 3 points. If you place it on the bottom you get two points and if you place it in front you get one.


If you block this gate, you will start getting points deducted. The longer you block it the more points you get deducted.

Different bots that could lift blocks.

Strategys to win the game.

I think that we should focus on getting as many blocks in to the 5 point area as possible. If we can do that we could score so many more points than placing it in the 1-2 point spots.

Our tournament did not go nearly as bad as i expected. We only had one test run compared to the other teams many test runs. We ended up picking up skills and strategys pretty fast. We ended up coming in 4th. Yes we won a few games by default. But we still exceeded my expectations and placed well.

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