36 Hours In New York City By Jacob strand

New York City has some of the most historic architecture and food so lets travel and I will show you what I did while I was in New York
we walked down this alley by wall street and you can see that the streets and sidewalks are very old.i liked wall street very much because the old architecture hasn't been touched and hasn't been changed
The freedom tower is currently being built to commemorate the two fallen twin towers.
This is the 9/11 mamorial at the base where the towers were . The pool at the base of the tower drains into the former stairwells.
one of the greatest spots to travel to in new york is china town. the area is filled with different ethnic groups of asia and it is mainly restaurants and stores with apartments above.the best places to eat in my opinion is the roasted duck bodegas or the soup dumpling places because they are usually the most traditional.
Even all of the streets and big corporations have Asian names in china town despite there Usa birth
The Empire State Building looks out over the whole city and is a must go if you want to see old world craftsmanship in the big apple
for lunch on one of the few days we were there we went to Ivan ramen in soho for the famous gyoza ramen with green onion shoots and bamboo shoots . the egg is a parboil so as they crack it into the hot broth it full hard boils the egg but then keeps the yolk soft and runny.
the appetizer at Ivan was a porkbelcy steam bun with pickled vegetables a common starter in japan before your ramen.

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