Mt. Pelee, West Indies Kayla magee

Mt. Pelee is a semi active volcano at the north end of Martinique. The last eruption in Mt. Pelee was in 1932. The Stratovolcano is is known for its eruption in 1902. The damage the eruption caused the worst volcanic disaster in the 20th century. The eruption killled almost 30,000 people. Pyroclastic flows caused most of the deaths in the disaster. Only two people survived the eruption. The volcano is currently in a different state, that means the volcano is not active. But it registers seismic activity.

The volcanic eruption of Mount Pelee on Martinique in 1902.
The powerful cloud of hot gases and burning solid particles that destroyed St. Pierre was a pyroclastic flow. This was unknown to science at the time.
What the shoreline looks after the eruption.
In October of that year of the eruption, a lava dome rose out of the crater floor. It grew for a whole year. It was 350 to 500 feet thick at its base and it soared to over 1000 feet above the base of the crater base. It was named the "Tower of Pelée."
A before and after pictures from the eruption in 1902. This eruption happened from April 25th to May 8th. It destroyed one town called Saint-Pierre. 29,000 people were killed and only 2 survived.
Mt. Pelee is on the Caribbean island of Martinique.


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