Medusa is a monster that is known for having snakes one her head and turning people into stone..Medusa was a monster, one of the Gorgon sisters and daughter of Phorkys and Keto, the children of Gaea (Earth) and Oceanus (Ocean). She had the face of an ugly woman with snakes instead of hair; anyone who looked into her eyes was immediately turned to stone. Medusa's symbol is her head with snakes on it. Medusa sacred animal is technically is snakes. Medusa does not have a sacred plant. Medusa is a monster not god or goddess and is a leader at the end of the earth, so innocent people don't get hurt and turn into stone. Her parents are Phorcys and Ceto. Her husband is Poseidon. She had children but none of them were famous.

Many years ago there was a beautiful women called Medusa. She lived in a place called Athens in Greece. She was a very kind and she obeyed her Greek gods and goddesses. There were many pretty girls there, Medusa was one of them. But then later in time Medusa was different. On and on Medusa went about her beauty to anyone and everyone who stopped long enough to hear her. Until one day Medusa and her friends went to the Parthenon. It was Medusa's first time going to the Parthenon. The Parthenon was the biggest temple in Greece. In the Parthenon was the goddess of wisdom and that was Athena. There was statues of most of the gods and goddesses in the Greek culture. All the people who went there obeyed Athena, all except Medusa. "Vain and foolish girl," Athena shouted angrily, "You think your a prettier girl than me. While other people are working, playing or learning you just boast about yourself. Medusa there is more to life than beauty alone you see.""Are you happy for what I have done? Now anyone who looks in your eyes will now turn into stone and no one will be able to save them," snapped Athena,"Even you, Medusa, should you seek your reflection, will turn to rock the moment you see your face."

Athena then sent Medusa with her hair of snakes to live with the blind monsters, the gorgon sisters, at the end of the earth, so that no innocent people would be turned to stone at the sight of her by accident. Medusa Sculptures is a company, and product that you buy all kinds of sculptures. People, animals, etc. The prizes are going to be a little pricey because they are antique sculptures. They're large sculptures, they are made to be outside or inside a garden house. You can find these beautiful sculptures and any Medusa Sculpture store. We also sell pottery, but we sell that when it is spring time, so not that often. There are five Medusa Sculptures stores in Pennsylvania, Texas, Florida, Colorado, and Indiana. It's going to be a big business, we are also going to build one in Hawaii. We are hiring and the employees that work there now (my family) love to work there. You will get a great payment. We are closed on Saturdays and Sundays. All the companies are closed. And Medusa Sculptures is a great place for pottery and sculpture lovers. And the reason I chose sculptures and not anything else is because Medusa turned innocent people into sculptures so I thought that would be a wonderful idea.

One Of Our Popular Sculptures

One of our outdoor sculptures, you can only find this is in the Colorado store.

This is one of our mARBle sculpture

THis is our first sculpture and is in the top 10 sculptures like by our customers and is very fragile

This is another marble sculpture of two headed children

This is a very textured sculpture of a couple dancing

This is a meaning sculpture is shows Medusa brushing her hair, being beautiful before she turned into a snake haired monster

This a large sculpture but is one of my favorite sculptures at medusa sculptures

I know it looks ugly but is another marble sculpture like the two headed children


Created with images by mari27454 (Marialba Italia) - "Medusa" • bernswaelz - "angel figure mourning" • LeeTravathan - "goddess cast symbolism" • pviojo - "Marble Sculpture" • Couleur - "sculpture bronze woman" • Samuel Mann - "Bonn sculpture" • Hans - "pair lovers togetherness" • Ken and Nyetta - "Praxitele's Aphrodite (Venus), Commonly Called the "Venus d'Arles," carved between 370 and 330 BC" • elukac - "dragon bridge sculpture" • Samuel Mann - "Bonn sculpture"

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