Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH By: Drew CLark

I found the butterfly exhibit appealing because the exhibit is so green and the butterflies are so brightly colored that it really makes them pop against the green lush background. I think that if I saw this in any other environment I wouldn't have been able to enjoy this experience as much as I did.
While walking through the butterfly forest I surprisingly felt really good and really happy. I'm not sure why I began to feel this way, but it was like when I walked into the exhibit, nothing in the world really mattered, like I was just there to have fun and enjoy the butterflies. Both of my roommates whom I went to the exhibit with felt the exact same way and we all thought that it was weird how we felt that way.
I think that my human spirit connected with these butterflies because they just happened to be eating while I walked by and I also love to eat.... ok ok haha on a more serious, I think that butterflies help us step out of our body and help us better understand and appreciate the world around us because if you imagine being a butterfly, you think that they are so free because the cna fly around and do whatever they want but if you really think about ti, we are the same as butterflies, we have the power to control our own destiny.
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Drew Clark

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